Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second Season
Phil Davetas
11/18/2002 3:04:16 AM

For all those who haven't yet downloaded all the episodes from your friendly neighborhood Kazaa or viewed your archived Memorex tapes, you can have a guilt-free time buying this 6-disk collection.

Certain things should be brought up regarding spook shows: Like, why do vampires have lairs with wooden furniture, giving the protagonists more ammunition? How do vampires morph into bats and still remain fully clothed when they change back? How do vamps lack reflections --and their clothes don't reflect either? It's the body that's a vamp, not the Gap jeans, right? If vampires are preserved for eternity, you'd better hope your skin is clear. Otherwise, wouldn't it just figure that you’d be stuck with that annoying zit forever or your first sunrise? Be careful with Viagra, fellas. You'll have three legs for eternity.

The vampires in the Buffy show slip in and out of sewer systems to avoid the sunlight, but no one mentions the stench of raw sewage which ought to be a dead giveaway to their presence long before they arrive on the scene. Or maybe it's the new Bela Lugosi cologne line, Formaldehyde for the Undead, that conceals it. (That's why we need Smell-a-Vision). And why do the Buffy-vamps smoke cigarettes if it's already established in Season One that they don't have breath? And what's up with Angel and Buffy anyway? Buffy's what, 16? Wouldn't that make him a 250 year-old statutory rapist? You would think that after more than a hundred years of filmmaking and vampire folklore they would get it right. But what the hell. This show was targeted for the goofy teens of today, and hit that marketing target on a bulls’ eye. This isn't a show that avoids logic problems, rather, it’s about growing up in high school with a horror backdrop. And once you get to know the characters and their relationships, then it becomes a solid program and you care about them. You don't find this magic in movies when you have 90 minutes to get to know everyone and root for their success. The Buffy story lines are tricky and well-written and play well off each preceding episode the way that good television should.

The scale of the second season is a little larger, with better CGI and make-up than the first season. The dialogue isn't as pretentious, the fighting is more brutal, and the stories are a little more fun and active. Unfortunately, we're stuck with the same lame, girlie, alterna-glam, parking garage bands trying to hit the big time at the Bronze.

Special Features:

Interviews, Commentary and Scripts on Selected Episodes, 3 Excellent Featurettes on Buffy's Production Design, Villains and Make-up and Trailers for Buffy and Angel packages and Buffy Commercials. You've got 6 disks. What else do you need? You wanna know more about Buffy? Read a Fango or Cinefantastic. Warning. Your fingers may be frail and susceptible to paper cuts.

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