Coheed and Cambria: a hard act in every way
Zach Hibbard
1/23/2003 2:17:33 PM

When Coheed and Cambria take control of the stage, they do so with authority. Case in point: St. Louis' Mississippi Nights, January 18th.

Although Coheed and Cambria is not yet established in the punk and hard-core scene, this is a band you’ll want to keep your eye on. Fueled by Equal Vision records, who gave us emo band, Saves the Day (they’ve now moved on to Vagrant records), it is Coheed and Cambria’s turn now to dominate Equal Vision’s roster. As yet another band with a hard-to-categorize sound—C&C are sure to do it with their emotional lyrics and fast-paced chord progressions. This ground-breaking band takes its name from the main characters of a story that unfolds from within their song lyrics. Listen closely and learn.

Bottom line, if you have not yet heard Coheed and Cambria, it is strongly suggested that you get yourself to the nearest place that carries their debut CD, The Second Stage Turbine Blade and give it a spin.

The way for Coheed and Cambria was paved by Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio, who turned “Dashboard Confessional” for the tour, serenading the crowd with acoustic versions of Alkaline’s “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire,” as well as some original songs of his own. Following Coheed and Cambria was the headliner, Getupkids. While living up to the audience’s reception, most of the crowd had already been taken by the Coheed performance. There’s no question that Coheed and Cambria are a hard act to follow. And maybe even a harder act to ignore.


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