The Juliana Theory: Innovation in Progress
Zach Hibbard
2/5/2003 3:46:57 PM

"St. Louis kicks ass"

Someone once said that nothing is constant except change. The music of the extremely versatile progressive/punk band, The Juliana Theory, seems to epitomize this credo. Their past three albums have each introduced an entirely new sound within a wide range of styles. Their latest album, Love [Epic Records], promises to be no exception, carrying forward what has become their tradition of experimentation and innovation. I caught up with the band on Friday, January 31 at Mississippi Nights where they appeared with Something Corporate and Vendetta Red.

From Latrobe, Pennsylvania, The Juliana Theory is:

Brett Detar on vocals
Josh Fielder and Josh Kosker, guitarists
Chad Alan, bassist
Josh Walters, drummer

Capable of crossing styles, The Juliana Theory is definitely not afraid to try out new sounds--and they're not too interested in being pigeon-holed.

NT: Are you enjoying the tour with Something Corporate and Vendetta Red?

Josh F (guitar).: Definitely, this is the best tour weíve been on so far.
Josh Kosker (guitar): Itís been a blast.

NT: Your excitement shows. Itís contagious. I was wondering where it, and your sound comes from. What bands would you say have been the most influential throughout The Juliana Theoryís history?

Josh F.: Well, we like the 70s stuff, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, and also Fugazi. Theyíve been a big influence.
Josh K.: Yeah, Fugazi for sure, and also The Cure.

NT: Your band is pretty innovative. You donít seem afraid to try new things. Every album so far has presented a different sound. Is there one consistent aim with your music? How exactly would you describe the sound of The Juliana Theory??

Josh K.: Schizophrenic (laughs)

NT: So I take it that youíre not shooting for one particular sound--and thatís cool-- but what can you tell me about the new album, Love ? Is there anything significantly different from Music From Another Room (last release)??

Josh K: Well, letís see. It has a different name (laughs); different artwork too (more laughs).
Chad Alan (bass): It comes out on Tuesday (February 4, 2003) and so it feels like Christmas right now. Iím very excited about it.
Josh K.: You know, itís a lot more extreme in every aspect; itís a lot more aggressive, but then itís a lot more mellow as well.

NT: So what kind of stylistic steps did you take with this album? Compared to Music From Another Room, is it harder or softer or what??

Josh K.: Itís going to be harder and softer; thatís really the best way to describe it.

NT: Youíve put out quite a bit of work in a fairly short period of time. How much time do you guys actually spend recording, as opposed to, say, touring? It seems like there has been new album or EP every year.?

Josh F.: ďWell, yeah, it seems like weíre recording all the time, but really itís only about three months out of the year.

NT: So Iím sure Iím not the first to ask, but is there a story behind the name The Juliana Theory??

Josh F.: Nope.
Josh K.: None whatsoever. Someone just said it one day and we all decided that would be the name of our band.

NT: Okay. Well, now that things are rolling along pretty well for you, is there anything you would have done differently to get where you are today??

Josh F.: No, I donít think so (turns to Josh K.) Is there anything you would have done different? Would you have signed with Tooth and Nail [Records, thier first independent label] if you had known what was going to happen?
Josh K.: No, I donít think I would have done anything differently, we had a lot of fun with Tooth and Nail, and there are some really nice people there.
Josh F. : I wasnít with the band yet when they signed.

NT: Well, I want you all to know Iím glad for the way things have turned out. I thought you played great tonight. I especially liked ďThis Is the End of Your Life.Ē?

JT: (A round of thanks from every member of the band).

NT: Iím wondering if thereís anything you would like the St. Louis scene to know about The Juliana Theory that I havenít asked??

Brett (vocals): They just need to know that they have one of the best scenes, if not the best. We always enjoy coming to St. Louis, they have the best crowds and the best kids.
Josh K.: Yeah, St. Louis kicks ass.
Josh F.: St. Louis really is probably the best scene.


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