The Blood Brothers: Jungle Rules Live
Mike Hess
3/3/2003 9:09:51 AM

Watching greatness before it’s actually great is one of those things in life that few people appreciate, so if you’re looking to live the good life, check out The Blood Brothers' live DVD Jungle Rules Live. Consider it the video version of Nirvana’s Bleach for the early millennium, as their upcoming album Burn Piano Island, Burn [ArtistDirect] is undoubtedly one of the most amazing things you’ll hear in 2003.

As for the DVD, it’s a 40-minute full-capacity show filmed in Sept. 2002 at The Old Fire House in Redmond, Wash., bringing to you all the brutal-yet-brainy chaos that The Blood Brothers have been known for. Singers Jordan Blilie and Johnny Whitney are a one-two punch that is as much Ali’s rope-a-dope as it is Tyson’s crushing right-hook. Whitney’s deep, comforting voice allows songs to glide along, but it’s Blilie’s distinct, squealy screams that give Blood Bros their trademark sound. Remember those audio tapes of you singing when you were 7-years-old? Take that voice, give it steroids and put it in a Black Flag mosh pit. That’s Jordan Blilie.

The Blood Brothers take Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” and turn it into a tidal wave littered with syringes and electric eels.

The video at times is a bit inaudible, but hey, that’s hardcore music. It was never about the audio quality. It’s about the scene, the vibe and the energy. Blilie and Whitney flop and toss themselves around through the brutal opener “Guitarmy”, all the way through “Doctor! Doctor!”,sweating like nothing you’ve ever seen the entire way through.

Closing on an even higher note, the DVD contains 3 tracks from the upcoming Burn Piano Island, Burn, most notably “Ambulance vs. Ambulance”. Basically an SAT problem toking two crack pipes, “Ambulance” is definitely the most accessible song from Burn, with spoken-word verses culminating in bone-jarring chorus riots.

If you want to be ‘that guy that knew about “that band” before “that band” broke’, heed my warning. The Blood Brothers will rule 2003… as long as their hearts can withstand live performances like on Jungle Rules Live a little bit longer.


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