Speed: He Really Can't Drive 55
Phil Davetas
3/12/2003 2:56:28 PM

Someone really knew what they were doing when they put this DVD together. It's everything DVDs are supposed to be. It's not only chock full of extras, it's so intensely packed that it should be illegal -- even the audio commentaries have their own chapter indexes. The uncut interviews with the cast proves that actors aren't always as articulate as the HBO First Looks have you believing.

You will not be robbed if you liked Speed enough to buy or rent the Five Star Collection. What's annoying as hell is listening to Mark Gordon and Graham Yost jabbering like an ass-load of fuck-monkeys. Both of them just bullshit and don't let the other finish his anecdote. It's been about 8 years since the movie opened and made, like, millions, and still everyone chortles when that bus cartoonishly leaps over that gap in the overpass.

And of course there are many other dopey fuck-ups like Keanu Reeves looking at his watch that's obviously set to the alarm. Most likely because the D.P. had to practice the zoom-shot when Keanu glances at it. And of course -- the many, many, many cameras that are mounted on the side of the bus that the filmmakers didn't bother to cut around. And the speeding up of the film to exaggerate fast pace. The not-so-hidden cables that pull the bus into the cargo plane at the end. The wheels underneath the access panel board as Keanu and Sandy elude the doomed bus. The water that's splattered on to the windshield of the Jag just before hitting the traffic "sand" barrels that are not filled with sand in reality, but water-- and the fuck-up list goes on.

But the movie works (with all its mistakes) on an emotional roller-coaster in the same vein as Lethal Weapon or Die Hard. For action nuts and aspiring action directors this should be a DVD to watch as far as setting up of stunts, precautions and execution. Certainly Mc G should've taken a course in stunt design before pretending to know what he was doing on Charlie's Angels.

There's a monster image gallery -- better than most other image galleries. You can watch Billy Idol sweat in his "Speed" video, but he sweats in black and white -- a twist. The interviews are a lot of fun -- showing that actors are not super human intellectuals.
Anyway, you can thank Fox for this great collector's edition.

Speed: (Five Star Collection) (3 1/2 out of Four)
R, 1994, 115 min., Fox Home Video.

Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Alan Ruck, Joe Morton, Music by Mark Mancina, Written by Graham Yost, Produced by Mark Gordon and Directed by Jan De Bont.

Disk One:

The Feature with Two Optional Audio Commentary Tracks: One with Jan De Bont and the Other with Mark Gordon and Graham Yost.

Disk Two:

Action Sequences: Two Featurettes on the Bus Jump and Metrorail Crash, Interactive Multi-stream Storyboards and Multi-angle Stunts. Inside "Speed": 3 Featurettes on Location, Stunts and Visual Effects. Original Screenplay and Production Design text. Interview Archive: 5 Separate Interviews with Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Dennis Hopper and Jan De Bont. Extended Scenes: 5 Extended Sequences. Image Gallery. Promotion: Trailers and TV Spots, HBO First Look: The Making of "Speed", Billy Idol's Music Video, Press Kit and Production Notes.

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