Brown Reason To Live: Butthole Surfer's PCPPEP
Vincent Francone
3/19/2003 2:03:16 PM

It's a great time to be a Butthole Surfers fan. First the concert movie, "A Blind Eye Sees All" is released on DVD, then a collection of hard to find material, Humpty Dumpty LSD follows and now the first two EP's are released for the first time on one CD- and there's bonus tracks too.

The eponymously-titled EP established the Buttholes as a strange force to be reckoned with and the live PCPPEP [Latino Bugger Veil] takes most of those songs and renders them even more chaotic and beautiful. "Bar-B-Q Pope", "Hey," and "Cowboy Bob" especially sound great live and do much to remind us that the Buttholes are a great studio band but can be a whole other miracle on stage.

Thank god for bonus tracks. "Gary Floyd" is pure rock and roll joy and "Sinister Crayon" is an eerie little number the likes of which could only come from the Buttholes. A demo version of "Something" (which sounds suspiciously like the one included on The Hole Truth and Nothing Butt,) is nice to hear but after the original studio version and then a spectacular live one I have to admit I am pretty burned out on that song.

Listening to these early Butthole gems makes me a little sad to think that this genius rock and roll outfit has hit its peak and may never record anything as great. Weird Revolution was a welcome release after Electric Larryland, but no one song on the last CD could rival the mystery of "Hey" or the fun of "Wichita Cathedral." Still, as long as the Buttholes are together one can be sure they will do something interesting. And they may just tour again, playing many of these classic songs. Long live the Butthole Surfers.


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