Static Lullaby, One Line Drawing, Vendetta Red and the Movielife
Zach Hibbard
4/4/2003 9:59:27 AM

It all started with a scream.

That is, opening band, Static Lullaby --who played the Galaxy March 26th with One Line Drawing, Vendetta Red and The Movielife. Static Lullaby has a frontman who only screams. With a microphone twirling and constant shrieking, Static Lullaby kept the crowd in a frenzy, while the guitar and bassist sang moving melodies and harmonies that seemed to blend in like only a dream might manage to do. Their set wasn’t long but this band is one to watch.

It was then time for Vendetta Red, who were just in town last month with The Juliana Theory and Something Corporate. Vendetta Red didn’t fail to shock in the first show, and this follow-up was just as violent. Vendetta’s wild screaming and mic throwing rocked along with their great chord progressions, teamed with the antics of lead singer, Zach Davidson, who hung upside down from the roof of the Galaxy.

Before the finale, however, they had to go through One Line Drawing. This mesmerizing band includes Jonah Mantanga, who’s performed in bands such as Far and New End Originals. His bassist and drummer played only a few songs. Jonah spoke passionately about the War with Iraq and played just as passionately about past relationships and a made-up half-cat/half-fish superhero thusly named, Mer-cat. The set was nothing short of spectacular and One Line Drawing’s music was incredible and obviously heartfelt. Even though Mantanga’s sound lacked frenzy, he more than won the crowd over and everyone in the place had a smile on his or her face. When Mantanga wasn’t singing, he made clear his ideas on war, or anything else going on in life at that particular moment. He welcomed the crowd to come talk about anything they wanted after the show, be it strife in the Middle East, views on the federal government, or The Simpson’s. That’s what being an American is about.

After all was said and done with the first three bands, it was headliner, The Movielife’s, turn. The Movielife may have changed their sound from the earlier days, but not in the No Doubt-Sum 41 sell-out-to-whatever’s-hip-today-so-I-can-bring-home-a-Grammy fashion, but rather as a mark of evolution. St. Louis got a chance to hear the band’s newer, more mature lyrics at a show that also made it quite clear The Movielife is still 100% punk rock.

Playing many selections from their new album Forty Hour Train Back to Penn [Drive-Thru Records], The Movielife also gave the crowd many old songs. The way the bands had built up the crowd for The Movielife was like a work of art; everyone was pumped up and The ML did not disappoint. The set sometimes seemed to be more a comedy riff for frontman Vinnie Caruana, and that, of course just kept the crowd grinning. Cruana’s humor was overshadowed by the rockin’ tunes that the band emitted, capped off buy the single, “Jamestown,” from the new record. For this, Jonah from One Line Drawing, and Zach from Vendetta Red, came back onstage to sing along. This was an underground concert made in heaven and whoever arranged it deserves a lot of credit.


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