St. Louis Sucks Up (hed)Planet Earth
Sam Gordon
4/17/2003 9:34:28 PM

Opening with “Suck it Up,” the first song on their new album, Blackout, (hed)Planet Earth sucked up the admiration of every fan at the Pageant in St. Louis last week. The entire band thrashed in a shirtless rage, playing mostly songs off their still-selling-well second album, Broke, “Killing Time,” the uplifting (er, not) “Swan Dive,” and their big radio hit, “Bartender.”

Shortly after completing the new album, lead guitarist Chad Benekos quit the band, but Sonny Mayo, formerly of Snot and Amen, neatly slid into his spot without missing a beat and so familiar, you would have thought he was born there. The only disappointment at the show was that they didn’t play any songs off their debut album. The dread-locked and bandana-ed lead singer Jahred had a good time riling the crowd up with his between-song banter, including, “I’m glad we’re going to Iraq! It’ll be cool when I can go there and see Starbuck’s all down the street, and then I can get an Iraqi blowjob.” Openers Breaking Benjamin rocked the place hard, and helped out for Serj Tankian’s vocal bit on their song, “Feel Good.” (hed)PE kept everyone rocking hard for a solid hour and fifteen minutes, and despite a few nosebleeds, drunkards and vomit in the moshpit, it was a great time. The hardcore crowd was clearly there to see (hed)PE, and many took off before the headliner, Saliva, had even finished their set.


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