Ministry: They're Back with Animositisomina
Vincent Francone
4/19/2003 7:31:17 PM

I remember fondly a band called Ministry. They hailed from my hometown of Chicago and were known for being dark, fast, and furious. That is, after their original club days of making electronica dance music with fake British accents. Nonetheless, they morphed into a well-oiled machine that seemed to be made of drum machines, satanic growls and lyrics fueled by substance abuse and nihilism. Ah yes, I remember them well.

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste still remains their finest work, a classic in every sense of the word which contains a level of perfection they probably will never manage to repeat. That is fine, they shouldn’t. Psalm 69 was more than a worthy successor, but after that they seemed to slip off the map. Records like Filth Pig and The Dark Side of the Spoon tried hard but never seemed to ignite the spark of their earlier material. Alas, it seemed as though they might be through. Their latest release, Animositisomina [Sanctuary Records] shatters those fears with a mighty, mighty whallop. With Ministry’s brainchild, Al Jourgesen now clean and sober, the band seems to have rediscovered its focus.

There is enough dark and dangerous material on this record to satisfy long time fans and perhaps initiate a few. I assume enough people know of Ministry and can guess what the record sounds like. Imagine the darkest of Ministry records coupled with a new found purpose. Yes, Animositisomina does not disappoint. It’s a reason to celebrate, they’re back.


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