Trapt: Set Free in St. Louis
Erin Hibbard
5/23/2003 9:19:46 AM

What happens when you take a little Hoobastank, add a some Dashboard Confessional, and sprinkle on a bit of early-days Incubus? You get Trapt.

The Los Gatos, California band (performing with Smile Empty Soul and Seether) took the St. Louis scene by storm at Pop’s on Monday, May 19 with Chris Brown on vocals and guitar, Simon Ormandy on lead guitar, Peter Charell playing lead bass, and Monty on drums. Front man Chris Brown is not only easy on the eyes; he knows how to energize his audience and keep them pumped up throughout the set.

Trapt’s five-year struggle to stardom confirms the value of determination and hard work. (Take note, wannabe rock stars!) After releasing three independent albums, the band signed and dropped (or was dropped) by several different record labels before ultimately signing with Warner Brothers in 2002 and releasing their self-titled debut album.

Their hit single, the adrenaline-pumping “Headstrong,” is definitely their best song, but don’t be misled: There’s more to Trapt than meets the eye (or the ear). Thought-provoking lyrics, fluid harmonies, flawless orchestration of drums, bass and guitar, and an intertwining acoustical pattern that alternates fast and slow throughout their songs -- all make for an entertaining and mesmerizing show (especially “These Walls” – it’s just pure genius). The band has mastered the art of roaring blood-pumping distortion merging it with soft melodies.

Trapt may have lived up to their name in the past, but they’re going places now--and it appears to be smooth sailing ahead!


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