Yellowcard: The Underdog EP
Erin Hibbard
6/10/2003 10:16:36 AM

Yellowcard has been busy since the release of One For the Kids in 2001. Aside from playing Warped Tour (alongside bands such as Less Than Jake, The Ataris, No Use For A Name, and Sugarcult,) the band has also toured the US, Australia, and Japan, performed free concerts at high schools around the country, and released their 2002 follow up, The Underdog EP [Fueled by Ramen]. Their rise to fame came faster than most bands could ever envision.

Yellowcard’s sound combines acoustic, melodic, and hardcore, incorporating a violin thus making it all their own. The lyrics are a nice deviation from traditional punk lyrics about heartaches, breakups, and girls. The Underdog EP is only five tracks long. The upbeat title track, “Underdog,” tells the story of a high school kid who is less than cool. Next up is “Avondale,” a dark fairytale – esque song about a corrupt and murderous king. Although the lyrics aren’t exactly cheerful, “Finish Line” is the happiest sounding song on the album. “Powder” is clearly about drugs and drug addiction, but it is too blurry to determine whether it’s based on personal events involving the band. Yellowcard’s true potential is evident on their last and best track, “Rocket”. The only complaint I have for the album is that it is so short, but it is only an EP. Their Capitol Records debut, Ocean Avenue will be released later this summer and success seems to be a sure bet.


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