The Touch: worth picking up?
Phil Davetas
6/13/2003 1:49:46 PM

The Touch starts out as a standard urban action film and slowly evolves into a really bad CGI adventure flick ala The Mummy. A traveling family of martial arts performers called The Touch, lead by Michelle Yeoh has a missing artifact stolen from them that is essential for some British madmanís plot to take over the world. Ben Chaplin is the thief who steals it for Richard Roxburgh, the madman in question. But Chaplin has personal hang-ups about thieving from The Touch-- Chaplinís adopted family. Originally, he was brought in as a child vagrant, taught martial arts with the family and fell in love with Yeoh. Roxburgh is betrayed and boils Chaplinís hands in waterómainly to excuse the fact that Chaplinís martial arts arenít as graceful, and to conceal his lack of the skills thatís supposed to make him a great fighter. After 45 minutes of setting all this up, we find ourselves in the middle of the desert on an adventure yarn to CG land.

The extras on this DVD are probably more interesting than the movie itself. In fact, the Asia Promotional Tour will probably leave you wanting to see the movie. Itís a basic screening tour around the Asian countries with the cast and crew hosted by Brandon Chang. Unfortunately, the promo is shot in Chinese and spoken in broken English. Thereís a little video montage of the movie, Kelly Chanís music video and a text background on the story. There arenít that many Media Asia Group double disks out there, so someone really put a lot of muscle behind this one to homogenize it Hollywood styleónamely Michelle Yeoh.

The Touch (2 Ĺ out of Four)
NR, 2002, 100 min., Media Asia Group.

Michelle Yeoh, Ben Chaplin, Richard Roxburgh, Brandon Chang, Sihung Lung, Margaret Wang, Dane Cook, Kenneth Tsang, Music by Basil Poledouris, Produced by Michelle Yeoh, Thomas Chung, Gao Feng Jun, Written by Laurent Courtiaud, Julien Carbon and J. D. Zeik, Directed by Peter Pau.

Disk 1:
The Feature with Optional Commentary by Peter Pau and Michelle Yeoh.

Disk 2:
Background on the story [Text Only], A Music Video Montage of the Flick, Trailer, Asia Promotion Tour, A Music Video by Kelly Chan, Cast & Credits.

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