Vincent Francone
6/13/2003 4:06:39 PM

How to describe Curse of the Golden Vampire's CD, Mass Destruction [Ipecac]? I suppose the best way would be to call it digital hardcore. Too many labels and sub-categories exist, so I'll stick to that. It comes close enough. What else can one say about distorted vocals and pulverizing electronics?

Mass Destruction is the output of two beautiful minds, Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin. Together they offer the listener an onslaught of fury, a wall of dissonant sound, an avalanche of beats and black noise and guitar vomit. Mass Destruction is daring inasmuch as it sees the mountain's peak and shots millions of feet over. There are no lines, no limits, nothing held back. This is the most fun anyone's ever had while wading in bleak, bleak outrage. To experience this CD is to remember that art can be dark and sublime. This belongs to that special, slightly skewed world of Maldoror (the novel and the other Ipecac artists,) of Baulderaire, of Francis Bacon, of Sade, of Duchamp, and of course, of Merzbow, Pigface, Napalm Death and Broadrick's own Godflesh.

Truly unique and utterly aggressive, Mass Destruction might appeal to anyone who has ever sat in traffic on a sweltering day and took the time to notice exactly how fucked up everything in this world is. Have you ever felt as though you had a fire in your guts that threatened to consume you and everything in your path? Do you dream of filling the useless bodies around you with your spite, perhaps in the form of words, perhaps with obscene gestures, perhaps with bullets? Well then, you need Mass Destruction if only to have an outlet for such rage. Pop the disc into your CD player, turn the volume up high and growl along. You'll feel better.


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