C&C's Second Stage Turbine Blade: First Rate
Zach Hibbard
6/16/2003 4:35:47 PM

With all of the teeny-boppiní sensations out there trying to pass themselves off as punk, some of us have began to think that anything that says it is punk nowadays will be lost in the TRL countdown within weeks. Some might believe that it is impossible to find any real, underground punk/hardcore/emo/indie rock anymore. Well, they are looking in all the wrong places. One cannot expect to find something original on the major label records roster. Look where it all started.

Indie labels, such as Equal Vision, are the place to look. One of their latest projects, Coheed and Cambria, is probably the most satisfying sound for original music seekers out there. This bands debut album The Second Stage Turbine Blade [Equal Vision] tells of an incredible journey of the two main characters in the lyrics, Coheed and Cambria, hence the name of the band. Not only is the lyrical approach one of a kind, but the high-pitched voice of lead singer Claudio Sanchezís incredible range allows him to hit notes that would make a dolphin cringe. Adding incredible guitar parts with the rest of the bandís unique but ungodly talented work sets Coheed and Cambria apart from any other that could be called Ďundergroundí.

In addition to an impressive show, this CD has been in my rotation for the last month and I donít see myself kicking it out any time soon. It can be said in full confidence that Coheed and Cambria is the most musically talented band in the entire underground scene today. Make sure, all you original-seeking rockers out there, or anyone for that matter, that if you buy only one CD for the rest of your days, it must be by Coheed and Cambria. Your enjoyment is guaranteed.


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