Junk: A Gory Blend
Phil Davetas
7/14/2003 5:33:49 AM

Itís a little like Reservoir Dogs meets Return of the Living Dead 3 with Re-Animator [and the Bride of] mixed with Day of the Dead on the side, a pinch of Zero Woman and chase it all down with some Resident Evil and throw in a little misunderstood love triangle Hollywood-style and you got yourself a low budget wonder called Junk.

X2 was shot down by Reloadedís fight for world box office domination. Hulk turned into a recycled mesh of effects-laden bulk. Harrison Ford is turning gray. Reese Witherspoonís flick is gonna be on video in two months. 28 Days Later is already on DVD at your local import shop. So whatís the point in standing in a long, hot line for a zombie flick where the parasites at the multi-plexís concession stand are sucking you drier than Christy Canyon by overcharging for popcorn and drinks? Hereís the deal. Go to that 99-cent video joint and pick up 28 Days Later, Return of the Living Dead, Wild Zero and Junk and have yourself a fucking holiday. In this summer of Łber-bloated bodies and comatose carcasses of your drunken partymates you should feel right at home with the whole zombie mythology.

Junk does have it problems, but itís one of the few great genre pieces that works. Itís 91-minutes long and it tells an entire story with structure and conflict. It suffers based on its budget constraints but it shines with telling a multi-layered story with several tones. Sometimes itís a heist flick. Sometimes itís just a full-on gore-beast. Sometimes itís a military conspiracy plot. Sometimes itís a love triangle. But ultimately itís just a lot of fun. Donít let ďfunĒ be confused with ďfunnyĒ however. As far as this being the uncut version I couldnít compare it to the homogenized one, but it is nice and bloody for all the Jeffery Dahmers of tomorrow. Oh, and it will give the local Legion of Decency [or Third Reich as they are commonly known] to hack on and hold it up as the decline of western civilization. Jokeís on them. Weíve already declined.

The special features are limited to the still gallery and a trailer for a movie that isnít available yet, but donít let that stop you from watching a flat-out decent zombie movie.

Junk (Uncut Version) (3 Ĺ out of Four)
NR, 1999, 91 min., Asian Film Networks.

Kaori Shimamura, Yoji Kishimoto, Patrick Jones, Miwa, Music by Goro Yasukawa, Written by Atsushi Muroga, J B. Baker, Yoko Katsumoto, Emiko Terao, Produced by Isao Kurosu, and Directed by Atsushi Muroga.

Special Features:

Still Gallery, Trailer for a flick called Score 2: The Big Fight.

Asian Amuck:

The Hypnotist, Blood the Last Vampire, Evil Dead Trap, Evil Dead Trap 2, A Chinese Ghost Story, A Chinese Ghost Story 2, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tetsuo II, Mr. Vampire, New Mr. Vampire, Wild Zero, Ichi the Killer, Dead or Alive, Dead or Alive 2: Birds, Dead or Alive 3: Final, The DuelÖ


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