Persistence Pays Off: Never Heard Of It in St. Louis
Erin Hibbard
7/14/2003 9:42:56 PM

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The five guys of Never Heard Of It know this for a fact. Tirelessly promoting their edgy, energetic punk/pop melange, Never Heard Of It is the finest example of a DIY-band there is: they’re known for getting up early to put up their posters and sell their CDs to the long lines outside the venues, at malls, gas stations, and even stoplights, thus, earning the reputation of being “the hardest working band” from Warped Tour publicity. Limited Edition, is the band’s second self-funded and self-produced full-length CD and has sold over 20,000 copies to date. Warped Tour ’03 marks the ninth U.S. tour for the determined band hailing from Covina, California. They have booked and financed each tour independently and are the only unsigned band on the Warped Tour lineup. I caught up with guys at Warped Tour’s St. Louis stop after their set.

Never Heard Of It is:
DJ Dell’Osa – vocals
Jeff Anenberg – Lead Guitar
Greg Lynch – Rhythm Guitar
Elmo Jamz – Drums
Rick Avery – Bass

NT: Never Heard Of It. What’s with the name?
Elmo: We used to really suck. It was just DJ and Jeff on guitar and drums and we would trade off. ‘Never heard of it’ was a catch phrase back home. You know, have you ever seen this movie? Never heard of it. Have you ever heard this band? Never heard of it.

NT: Your lyrics seem to be mainly about guy/girl relationships and their problems. Who writes them?
Rick: DJ writes most of them and Greg and Jeff also write some.

NT: It’s obvious that you’re into punk in a big way, but I hear lots of pop, too. What music moves you?
NHOI: All kinds. Screeching Weasel, NOFX, the Beatles, a lot of hardcore stuff. All American Rejects, the Used, Phoenix TX, and Jimmy Eat World.

NT: It’s clear you guys work your butts off—from booking your own shows, selling your merchandise, and every aspect of publicity and production. How do you pull it together? Do you have a system? Does one person handle the business aspects of being in the band or does each of you have your own responsibilities?
Jeff: It’s a group effort. We always work our asses off. When we are on tour, we will drive through the night just to get to the next town early and go to the local mall and sell our CDs. We have sold 38,000 CDs and upgraded our van to a 35ft RV all by doing it ourselves. Part of the reason we do so well is due to interacting with our fans so much. Only band members work our merch booths.

NT: What are NHOI’s goals?
Jeff: We want to finish Warped Tour. We are currently talking to some different labels and hopefully we will get signed and put out a full-length album.

NT: It’s unbelievable you guys aren’t yet signed, with all your success. Being an unsigned band, was it difficult for NHOI to get on last year’s Warped Tour?
Jeff: It was pretty easy. Kevin Lyman, the owner of Warped Tour kept scheduling us more dates until we were on the whole tour. At first we were just helping out with sound and tech stuff and half way through the tour we started stage-managing. We only got on by earning it, though. It wasn’t a free ride.

NT: So how does it feel to be back on Warped again?
Jeff: Amazing. It’s going better than we thought it would. The crowds are awesome.

NT: You told me earlier that your favorite tours have been opening for Simple Plan and Good Charlotte. What’s been the worst thing about being on the road?
Jeff: This is our ninth U.S. tour. We miss our friends and families. And shower accessibility sucks on tour! That is definitely tough.

NT: What’s a memorable story from the road?
Jeff: One of the funniest things that happened was once we slept at this girl’s house and she had this cat. We woke up to all this screaming and laughing and the cat had taken a crap on Rick’s leg. It was hilarious!

NT: Are you proud of the way ‘Limited Edition’ turned out? Is it what you envisioned when you went in to record?
Jeff: To a point. We put out two EP’s before and that was a step in the right direction. We did ten songs in eight days [for Limited Edition], but it was rushed and we didn’t get to do everything we would’ve liked.

NT: What’s been the biggest challenge faced in putting out the album?
Jeff: It was self-funded and self-produced, so that was definitely a challenge.

NT: Any advice for aspiring musicians?
Greg: Stay the course. Keep writing – ALWAYS write. And it’s all about self-promoting.

NT: For all those people out there that haven’t heard of Never Heard Of It yet, what is something you’d like to let them know?
Greg: Definitely come to a show and hang out – meet us and talk with us.


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