Ozzfest 2003 Second Stage Acts; First Class Metal
J. Gordon
7/18/2003 1:39:00 PM

We all know that the Ozzfest Main Stage is for the acts that have already happened…the big stars who’ve been around for awhile. And the Ozzfest Second Stage is for the acts that are happening. Watch Nighttimes.com in the next couple weeks for interviews with your favorite Ozzfest Second Stage acts: Twisted Method, Hotwire, Memento, Killswitch Engage, Unloco, Endo and Grade 8, and catch some great live pics of their St. Louis show, Thursday, July 17 by clicking here.

The weather and the music fiercely competed in heat, and Ozzfest did its best to compete with Lollapalooza in side show activities. For Lolla’s game room, Ozzfest had an air-conditioned Playstation Truck with about 30 stand-up units to bide time between shows and cool off. Jonathan Davis, lead singer for Korn, had a trailer set up to view the Jonathan Davis Collection Art and Gear From Minds at the End. For a $5 admission, you can walk through the air-conditioned exhibit (on a 100-degree day, that’s a really important feature, can you tell?) and view the transcripts of a serial killer’s confession before execution, freakish art, and Hard Rock Café-style memorabilia (posters, coats, guitars) from Davis’ favorites like Kurt Cobain. Artists such as Charles Klaus, Yasuchi Nirasawa, and HR Giger are given considerable attention here, as well as the lesser-quality art from your favorite serial killer and mine, John Wayne Gacy. There is also a 150-year-old actual shrunken head, “The Fiji Mermaid”—an exhibit by PT Barnum in the 1800s that is basically a fish body with mammal paws and head attached, and a real dueling pistol set. Yes, it’s a real freak show, and we wouldn’t expect anything different from Jonathan Davis!

The show started at the outrageously early time of 9:20 a.m., with Memento tearing up the stage like it was twelve hours later. Hotwire greeted the majority of the crowd (at least a full third dressed in black despite the weather) as they entered in the still-tolerable early morning heat, followed by Twisted Method and Killswitch engage. Other second stage acts for St. Louis included Shadows Fall, Nothingface, Unloco, Endo, Sworn Enemy, Grade 8, Depswa, Revolution Smile, and one song by Motograter, who had temporarily “lost” their lead singer and took that long to find him. Voivod crashed immediately onto the scene afterward and Cradle of Filth closed the second stage with the most hilarious, campy theatrical farce of doom ever to grace the pavilion grounds.

Like it or not, metal is here to stay, and the power and fury of the Ozzfest Second Stage acts made it memorable in a big way.


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