Twisted Method: Metal Boy Band and Same As You and Me
J. Gordon
7/20/2003 8:03:21 PM

"It’s almost like we’re a sick boy band"

With our vote for the messiest tour bus at Ozzfest, Twisted Method, out of Cape Coral, Florida, might also win the award for the coolest bunch of guys. To meet with the four of them, the first thing that’s evident is real camaraderie and balls-to-the-wall fun. It’s clear that the Twisted Method guys are friends first, and the ease with which they finish each other’s sentences and give each other equal time is evidence of that fact. There’s no rock-star pretension here, with each other or with their fans.

Ozzfest is a dream come true for any metal band, and Twisted Method is no exception.

“It’s like being a kid in a candy store,” says Andy Howard, guitarist.
“The highlight is that after you get done offstage, you’re done with your day. But you’re still at Ozzfest. Every day is an Ozzfest,” laughs Tripp Tribbett, the vocalist.
Ben Goins, drums, says, “We get to wake up in the morning and do what we love for twenty minutes, hang out, meet other bands, it’s awesome.”
“And we get to make friends everywhere we go,” adds Derek Desantis, bass.

Twisted Method fans are rabid about this band, and love them with a passion not usually relegated to the new guys on the label.

“We’re just glad that everyone understands us and we’re not alone,” says Tripp, who is just back from riding his trick bike around the lot, shaking hands and hanging with fans. “It’s like, we are the people we play for. We’re just up there looking out, and there are all these kids and they look just like us! It feels good to know. We weren’t so sure at first, because we’re kinda off the wall a little bit. But now that everyone’s relating-- we’re loving every minute of it.”

There’s lots of thrashing and anger in the music of Twisted Method, but watching their gig at Ozzfest, there seems to also be a little bit of joy that leaks out. It’s clear these guys know how to have a great time.

“It’s almost like angry hope,” says Ben.
“This is Ozzfest, so we’re playing our hardest songs. But there is other stuff on the album [Escape from Cape Coma on MCA Records] that they might not have heard yet, where I sing a lot…”
“…but we’re giving the grass roots feel to the grass roots crowd. Know what I mean?” Andy finishes.

Ozzfest 2003 is a hell of an introduction to a new band and album, eh?
“Yes, it’s an introduction to the world,” says Andy. “It’s definitely a huge help.”
“A lot of kids come up and they’re already singing the songs back,” says Tripp in amazement.
“More and more kids are singing the songs every day, you don’t even know how they’re doing it since the CD just came out!” says Ben.
Tripp reflects for a moment, and then says, “I just met a kid at the booth and he said, ‘hey man, I’ve been listening to your CD. I’m not gonna lie, I burned it off the Internet. I just want you to know that you guys have helped me out through some problems. Already! The album hasn’t even come out yet and the guy’s telling me this. Number 9, Shine, man. That gave me a new light.’ That means so much.”

So, even the twisted art of Twisted Method is changing lives. Few people get to know what the feels like.
“That’s a plus on top of nothing,” says Ben, “cuz, we’re not expecting anything. We’re just doing what we’re doing, but if it’s doing this, that’s awesome.”
“We just want to go out and have a good time. That’s what we’re about. Just pumping the crowd up to have a good time,” adds Tripp.

Some might argue that Twisted Method had a tough slot, being one of the earliest acts to play the Ozzfest second stage, before most of the crowd had gotten in. And yet, the band had bodies packed and thrashing against the stage before 10:30 a.m.

“People will only blow you off if you let them blow you off,” says Derek with the wise confidence of years that he hasn’t lived yet. “If you come out there and give it your 100 percent, they’re gonna see that. They’re not gonna blow you off if they see you up there, just giving it your all.”
“That’s what makes a band,” says Tripp. “That’s what defines them.”
“—plus going out there after we’re done,” says Ben. “We go out there, we sweat with them, and we sign every single CD that we sell.

And the band evidently sells every CD they bring, too. Twisted Method sold out of their entire inventory within ten minutes.

“We’re hoping a bunch of doors will open up after Ozzfest,” says Derek. “I’m sure we’re gonna be doing some radio show tours around the country. Nothing’s concrete yet.”
“I think that we’re touring with Michael Jackson after Ozzfest,” jokes Ben.

Underneath all the freakish make-up, hairdos, piercings and tattoos, these guys are still obviously good looking. So when we asked what everyone on the TM forum most wanted to know: do they have girlfriends? Tripp looks down and speaking for everyone (as if this was the answer he was the publicist-approved, canned answer he is supposed to say), “No…none of us do,” with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, the cute young girl in the back of the bus keeps quiet, a meek little smile on her face. A sister, maybe? Certainly not the maid.

“That’s the weirdest part,” laughs Derek. “It’s almost like we’re a sick boy band. It’s not even by our choice; it’s how the crowd reacts to it!”

The thing is, Twisted Method is sort of a boy-band. They’re all cute in a pierced and punkified kind of way…
“—in a disgusting and brutal way,” laughs Derek.
“—in our own dirty, filthy, not-so-cute way,” says Tripp.
“—in our own, special, insane way…” says Ben.

So we get down to it, then. If there is one single message about Twisted Method that they’d like to leave with their fans, what would it be?
“That we’re all the same,” says Tripp.
“—all the same…” echoes Derek.
“You buy my CD, I’ll buy your CD,” says Ben.


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