Garage Days: What Does It Want To Be?
Phil Davetas
7/21/2003 11:31:03 AM

Creating good music for listening pleasure is hard enough, but to create decent music for a movie rock band is like throwing rocks against the wind. What Garage Days --a movie about relationships and an Australian garage band-- does have going for itself is that you never really hear the band play. They’re finishing up a song when a scene begins, or they’re about to start one when a scene ends. And here’s a hint: the end of the movie is encapsulated in the movie poster. Just like the movie itself, the band doesn’t know what kind of band they want to be. Are they a punk band? A low-cal emo band? A rock band? A New South Wales grunge band? When they finally do play, it’s like some sort of hybrid-girlie-emo-rock with something I don’t know.

Garage Days could’ve been an interesting movie, but the style is so mixed up. Sometimes it’s a live-action cartoon like Josie and the Pussycats and then other times it’s like watching a festering corpse like Clubland. Overall the visual transitions are cool but the scenes they jump into are just so static and mundane that it throws off the continuity. Even Josie and the Pussycats stuck to its visual color pallet and style. When the relationships start to intermix, it’s well-structured in the classic film school sense, but the things that happen are not very interesting. It is extremely funny on certain points like the “Fun With Drugs Parts 1 and 2,” the crying melon, a big, fat juicy doobie used as currency, and a line of dialogue here and there. Alex Proyas could’ve gone anywhere after Dark City--but unfortunately he went off and did this one. At times, this movie wants to be as modern as Trainspotting but just doesn’t have the stuff to carry it there. However, if this movie was directed by some lame unknown director, we would have lowered our expectations and given it a decent rating for effort.

On the bright side, this movie could jumpstart the careers of some new actors. The chicks in the flick are cool and good-looking and will probably wind up starring in Jerry Bruckheimer’s pyro-bator flick next summer. There are better rock movies out there, but this will have to do since they’re so few and far in between.

Garage Daze:

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Garage Days (2 out of Four)
R, 2002, 105 min., Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Starring: Kick Gurry, Maya Stange, Pia Miranda, Brett Stiller, Chris Sadrinna, Andy Anderson, Marton Csokas, Yvette Duncan, Russell Dykstra, Music by Andrew Lancaster, David McCormack, Anthony Partos, Produced by Topher Dow and Alex Proyas, Written by Alex Proyas, Michael Udesky and Dave Werner and Directed by Alex Proyas


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