Damone: From the Attic
Erin Hibbard
7/28/2003 10:13:19 AM

Damone, named after a character from the 80’s film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, released their debut album From the Attic [RCA Records] earlier this spring. Their sound, a punk-pop blend of spirited guitar riffs and bubblegum melodies, is similar to that of Save Ferris --but better. Noelle (lead vocals/guitar) puts Save Ferris' Monique Powell to shame with her nearly perfect pitch and sugar-sweet voice. The songs on the album, largely written by Dave Pino, (guitar/vocals), relate the ups and downs of teenage love. Look out for “Carwash Romance” and “Overchay With Me”. Catch them on this year’s Warped Tour and pick up their album, in stores now!


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