Dog Soldiers: Contrived, but what the hell?
Phil Davetas
7/28/2003 10:27:54 AM

Puppies. Check that. Puppies with rubber claws. Check that. Puppies with rubber claws standing at about 7 feet tall and armed to the teeth. That means bloody mauling with unraveling intestines, bone-snapping limbs and plenty of lacerated torsos spouting with Karo syrup.

British soldier boys go on a military exercise in Scotland, but it looks like they’re being hunted down by a pack of pissed off 7-foot tall puppies.

Roll Call:

H. G. Wells – The sergeant that watches over his men’s better interest. But all goes to shit when he suffers a gaping stomach-splitting wound. Now it’s up to Cooper to live up to taking charge and prove that he’s the man with the minerals.

Cooper – The private who was flunked from joining the Special Ops Team by the evil Capt. Ryan because he refused to kill a defenseless dog. So, he’s sent back to Sgt. Wells and his men for a twisted plot that Capt. Ryan’s cooking up.

Capt. Ryan – Turns out that Capt. Ryan failed Cooper because he’s using Sgt. Wells and his men as bait to lure the puppies out of hiding.

Spoon – One of Wells’ men with balls to the wall and fights like a demon. Basically, the only one to go mano y mano with one of the mean puppies.

Terry – The pussy in the midst of puppies.

Joe – The one who gets killed early on.

Cpl. Bruce Campbell – Only cool because he’s named after the Man himself.

Megan – The chick who rescues Wells’ men and holds them all up in a little cottage surrounded by puppies.

Sam the Dog – He’s Megan’s dog.

And of course that’s all in the beginning. The rest of the movie is all plot twist after plot twist while trying to survive the night of the full moon. Unfortunately, the plot twists are almost too contrived, but what the hell. It’s a horror pic and that makes it a great one in its genre.

The DVD stuff is standard. A 20-minute featurette with interviews and behind the scenes stuff. A reasonably informative commentary track with trivia and assorted goofiness. However, this would’ve been a good movie to have a deleted scenes section --especially after listening to the producers’ commentary on the missing scenes.

Special Features:

Featurette, Producer’s Commentary Track with David E. Allen and Brian O’Toole, International and Domestic Trailer, Choice Between Full and Wide Screen.

Dog Soldiers (3 ˝ out of Four)
R, 2001, 104 min., Artisan Home Entertainment.

Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby, Liam Cunningham, Music by Mark Thomas, Produced by Christopher Figg, Tim Reeve and David E. Allen, Written and Directed by Neil Marshall.

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