Metallica: Take Them Out to the Ball Game
Melissa Jones
7/28/2003 5:19:28 PM

NT's roving reporter, Melissa Jones, managed to make it to St. Louis' Metallica performance over the weekend, which was, in her mind, um...groundbreaking. Picture this:

James Hetfield, axe-grinding maniac, master of metal mayhem, headbanger's royalty, standing before a stadium full of drunken metal heads gesturing with his arms outstretched in a "wave-like" manner, imploring the fans to change the tone of their howling up and down as appropriate according to the "wave-like" movement. We were waiting for the St. Louis Cardinal's Fred Bird to jump out at any second. And don't get us started on him encouraging the "Hey!Hey!Hey!" yell/fist pump combo, which came across more like a bunch of Hitler Youth at a Russian Circus than any sort of respectable display of raw rock enthusiasim. Thank God for comp seating.

My name is Melissa and I am a Music Purist.


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