Leviathan: EP from Hell?
Erin Hibbard
8/8/2003 3:19:33 AM

Music is supposed to make us feel, understand, and relate. If it is unable to do that, then all we hear are screeching guitars, banging drums, and a lot of yelling.

Leviathanís self-titled album [Judas Cradle Records] has definitely missed its mark. The album is void of emotion. It was so monotonous I ended up playing the entire album through twice without realizing the songs had changed. Vocalist Shane Tierney's work is strong and suggests that the band has potential, yet his sound is completely unoriginal and you'd swear you were listening to Metallica's James Hetfield (but there are other critics making comparisons to Danzig). The production of this CD is poor, with Chris Gardiner's bass louder than Mike Otero's guitars in many cases. Ridiculous, cheesy guitar solos and crappy drum sounds (again, a production problem more than playing) by Danny Rivera seal Leviathan's fate.

On the plus side, a percentage of the money taken in on this disc goes to the support of the West Memphis 3. Leviathan is old-school metal that doesn't get too heavy and maintains a groove-- and total Metallica and Danzig fans might appreciate the tribute. Leviathan, at least in this EP, unfortunately doesn't break any new ground. Their bio says that in the Bible, Leviathan and Gargantuan were minions of Hell. This EP might just make the case for it.


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