Trail of Dead Leaves A Perfect Trail of Destruction
Mike Hess
3/31/2002 3:14:17 PM

In what may be the worst venue in Boston, Trail of Dead turned a cramped, dingy bar into a musical paradise. The band hit the stage on a windy March 14 night at T.T. the Bears just after 11PM, and right from the first chord, they worked the crowd impeccably. While …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead is known throughout the music world for being chaotic madmen on stage, they certainly held out all their aggression for the end of the set, but made up for the lack of anarchy with blissful emo tunes.

The Texans started the night off with the first track off of their amazing new release Source Tags & Codes [Interscope], as they burst into the beautifully structured “It Was There That I Saw You”. Guitarist/Vocalist Conrad Keely brought his sweaty, closed-eyed face to the mic to deliver the lyrics when he wasn’t pummeling his Hamer guitar with serious punk licks. In a musical display such as these eyes have never seen, drummer Jason Reece then switched up with Keely, and took the position of vocals and guitar, while Conrad maniacally pounded away at the weary drum kit. This would take place several times, as the band went through a fun little game of punk rock musical chairs.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead would be better suited with the name of ‘And You Know We Won’t Be Allowed Back at This Venue’, as they punched holes in the ceiling tiles, ripped them down, and did everything to destroy anything. Ripping through old fan-faves like “Up From Redemption” and “Mistakes & Regrets”, the rockers didn’t miss a note amid all of their wild thrashing, often playing the guitar with the mouthpiece of the microphone, splitting strings like strands of spaghetti. Switching instruments mid-song is commonplace at a Trail of Dead show, and the crowd ate it up.

Unlimited energy and undeniable beauty in their music makes the boys of T.O.D. an astounding live act. With all of the rave reviews that Source Tags & Codes is racking up, this may be the last go-round to catch them in a small venue …and you know that’s the best place to catch a band like T.O.D.


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