O.A.R. Teams Up With Something Corporate and 311 in St. Louis
Erin Hibbard
8/29/2003 9:46:36 AM

Friday August 8th, Something Corporate, O.A.R., and 311 took the stage at St. Louis’s UMB Bank pavilion. Perfect weather, great bands, what more could you ask for? I can think of only one thing: MORE STAGE TIME FOR SOMETHING CORPORATE!

The night began with Something Corporate who may be the most talented band on the entire emo-punk scene. Of course, being the opening act, they performed for a much-too-small crowd, but for those of us who caught their show, they were nothing short of spectacular. Andrew McMahon (frontman) is absolutely incredible on the piano and lacks nothing in vocals either. He captivates the audience’s attention, even jumping and stomping on the piano at times. The set began with songs from their debut album, Leaving Through the Window [Drive-Thru Records], including “I Want to Save You” and “Punk Rock Princess” and, as a special treat for fans, they played some songs off their new album which will be released later this fall. Their sound is one of perfect harmonies and melodies, laced together with mind-blowing piano solos. Something Corporate’s set concluded with “Hurricane”, one of the most amazing songs I’ve ever heard. Missing out on other great songs such as “Cavanaugh Park”, “Straw Dog”, and “Drunk Girl”.

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) took the stage second, and happily massacred the emo-mood, rocking out for an hour and a half with songs revolving around drinking, women, and partying. Known as a “good-time party band”, their relaxed reggae-pop sound is strongly reminiscent of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet. O.A.R. is hugely popular among college crowds and they got everyone under the pavilion dancing, starting off their set with songs like “On Top The Cage” and “Tragedy In Waiting” and a number of cuts from their new CD, In Between Now and Then [Lava Records]. Aside from slightly flat vocals and easy, uncomplicated guitar solos, O.A.R. is all about fun and definitely a band to check out if you enjoy dancing on tables and hitting the giggle smoke now and then. The band flowed through their set finishing with the ever-entertaining "That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker”. The crowd screamed and sand along throughout the set-- the hype due either to their musical talent or that they’re so laid back they’d tempt Lynne Cheney to take a hit.

311 completed the evening with their trademark energetic reggae-rap-rock set. The crowd went crazy as soon as they took the stage and the pit was absolutely insane, moshing and surfing like Endless Summer in a shark pit. 311 found a balance playing songs off their new album Evolver [Volcano Records], as well as some of their older hits. Nick Hexum and SA Martinez, the two frontmen, know how to keep their audience’s attention, perhaps because they know how to move around a stage, or maybe just because they’re hot! 311 released their seventh studio album on July 22. Pick it up in stores now!

Photo by Cory Weaver


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