Sixer: Beautiful Trash = Amazing Listening Experience
Erin Hibbard
10/2/2003 12:02:01 PM

Nevermind their recent surfacing into the punk scene; Sixer already possess an air of longevity. On the strength of their knockout performances, their debut release, Beautiful Trash, [B.Y.O. Records], is selling well at all of their shows and helping to build a fanbase to take this punk quartet up to the nose-bleeding-highest level of success.

The album begins with the Green Day-esque ”Unusual” solidifying the band’s unique sound, described as a killer combination of Social Distortion and The Clash – two of the greatest punk bands ever. Following in the footsteps of these punk icons, Sixer, of course, runs the risk of being labeled clichéd or derivative. But before you begin to think that Sixer is just another carbon copy, pop-punk band emerging into the already too-crowded music scene, take a listen.

Like a lot of bands out there, most of Sixer's songs center around drinking and the good and bad hands that life deals out. Enjoy that for what it is, but pay attention to the driving choruses, crafty rhythms, and the undeniable presence of southern rock influences that make Sixer stand out. The jewel of the album is “Hero”, which is the finest example of the band’s talented lyrics and songwriting. Other tracks to check out are “Truckstop Jesus”, “Whiskey Sour”, and “Furious & Outdone”.

Still fairly new to the music scene, (their first EP, Busted Knuckles and Heartbreak[TKO Records] was released in 2000), this Richmond, VA band has something to offer that most of these other newcomers don’t – originality.


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