Mindless Self Indulgence: Pure Hyperactivity
Sam Gordon
11/23/2003 6:02:26 PM

If anyone ever talks about how crazy a band such as Tenacious D is, they have obviously never heard Mindless Self Indulgence. This group of New York rockers teamed up with Uncle Fucker and Tub Ring for a tour full of original music, and plenty of hyperactivity.

The show came to St. Louis' Pops Nightclub on Thursday, November 20th. Uncle Fucker kicked off the show by introducing their very original style of rock, which consisted of somewhat hard rock plus a taste of country. Violins and banjo solos got the crowd moving, and they left the stage with plenty of new fans. Next, Tub Ring got the crowd going with their fast-paced music that included keyboard and voice solos.

As Mindless Self Indulgence entered the stage, the crowd went nuts. Many underground hits such as "I Hate Jimmy Page", "Diabolical", and "Backmask" got things going. M.S.I. singer Jimmy Urine sported his usual crazy hair pointing in all directions, and a suit and tie. Urine didn't waste time however, and by the fourth song, all he had left on his body was a pair of black briefs and a ripped up, see-through womens top. M.S.I. was pure hyperactivity. Urine appeared to get the audience sucked in even more, as he seemed to interact in some way to everything thrown on stage. This included eating a packet of mayonaise, walking over to and playing video games with coins he asked for from fans, and putting a cigarette he received from a fan in his mouth and yelling "I NEED FIRE!" He even grabbed a disposable camera, stuck it in his pants, took a picture, and threw the camera back into the crowd. Mindless Self Indulgence must have played around 15 songs or so that the fans went crazy over.

The show hyped up everyone in the audience and had everyone heading over to the merchandise stand at the end to go get a t-shirt so everyone will know that they'd seen M.S.I. If you get a chance to see Mindless Self Indulgence, jump on it, as it will most definitely be a great time.


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