Angel 2:
Phil Davetas
11/23/2003 6:11:15 PM

Hats off to the writers of Season 2. They took the Buffy spin-off and ran with it making Angel one of the most complicated and involving heroes in TV history. For most of the season Angel has lost his way and has exiled himself from his core group to hunt down the sinister agents of Wolfram & Hart. When we last left Angel Investigations, Wolfram & Hart succeeded in reviving vamp-girl (and sire to Angel) Darla (who was killed off in Season 2 of Buffy) in a plot that drives Angel off his path. Angel then becomes something darker than Angel’s evil alter ego, Angelus. Unfortunately, around the end of the season with a series of parallel universe Medieval mini-series, the season peaks with the whole Angel-Darla arc.

Okay, now as the shows go on and the further they get into the mythologies, they keep making mistakes. The mistakes are becoming more and more obvious. Angel’s a necro and he doesn’t cast any reflections, so when they march into a gym the first thing you see is his reflection along the mirrored walls. You would think that Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt would catch these things. This isn’t as bad as watching the reflected film crew in Excalibur’s armor, but it’s a glitch nonetheless. Professional filmmakers that get paid from thousands to millions of dollars to fuck something up should be tarred and feathered. A mistake here and there can be forgiven provided they don’t keep doing it in every shot of the show or movie.

I wonder which idiot decided that watching a TV show in letterbox was cool. They did this with Buffy 5 and it was a total disaster. There’s no difference here. Booms are dangling in front of the actors, around the side of the frames, actors and crew members can be seen on the edges of the screen. With the exception of the Buffy musical, Once More With Feeling, the shows were shot standard full frame not widescreen.

As far as the special features go, it’s the standard box set stuff. They’re skimpy on the commentaries if you like hearing that sort of thing. There are some scripts on a couple of episodes and some thin featurettes. But if there can be one thing said about the featurettes is that they should be packed with more information. I mean, this is a 65-dollar box set, you should get more than what you paid for (especially when the show is in re-run). If you don’t you might as well download it from Kazaa. It’s your consumption that pays that for the producers’ Ferraris.

As always, this is best viewed alongside Buffy 5 and witness some clever crossovers.

Special Features:

Gallery, Selected Commentary Tracks, Feaurettes: Season Two Overview with Cast and Crew Interviews, Stunts, Making Up the Monsters, Inside the Agency.

Angel Season 3– Available February 10, 2004.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Sixth Season – Available July 6, 2004.

Episode List:

Written by David Greenwalt and Directed by Michael Lange. Air Date: 9-26-00.
Angel meets The Host, a demonic karaoke singer.

Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
Written by Tim Minear and Directed by David Semel. Air Date: 10-03-00.
Angel reminisces about an incident in his past involving an old Hollywood hotel, money and murder before moving in making it their new offices.

Special Feature: Commentary with Tim Minear.

First Impressions
Written by Shawn Ryan and Directed by James A. Contner. Air Date: 10-10-00.
Darla is getting Angel all worked up on erotic dreams while Gunn and Cordy bond.

Written by Mere Smith and Directed by Joss Whedon. Air Date: 10-17-00.
Looks like a Carrie can move things with her brain while Wolfram & Hart find a way to use her for evil.

Dear Boy
Written and Directed by David Greenwalt. Air Date: 10-24-00.
Turns out there’s more to Angel’s wet dreams and Wolfram & Hart are behind it all. It’s the safest sex there is.

Guise Will Be Guise
Written by Janes Espenson and Directed by Krishna Rao. Air Date: 11-07-00.
Wesley pretends to be Angel while hooking up with a chick from Kindred: The Embraced. Doesn’t she ever change her hair?

Written and Directed by Tim Minear. Air Date: 11-14-00.
Lindsey is getting excessively infatuated with Darla, but she’s got something up her sleeve.

Special Feature: Original Script.

The Shroud of Rahmon
Written by Jim Kouf and Directed by David Grossman. Air Date: 11-21-00.
Everyone’s friendship is at stake as the Shroud of Rahmon taxes their tempers.

The Trial
Written by Douglas Petrie & Tim Minear and Directed by Bruce Seth Green. Air Date: 11-28-00.
Angel risks his life to save Darla from a disease that would’ve killed her four hundred years ago. She begs Angel to vamp her up again.

Written by Tim Minear & Shawn Ryan and Directed by James A. Contner. Air Date: 12-19-00.
Wolfram & Hart summon Drusilla to turn Darla into a vamp. Angel takes a turn for the worst as his actions become more extreme and eventually fires his team setting his whole grim path for Season 2.

Written by Mere Smith and Directed by Michael Grossman. Air Date: 01-16-01.
Angel gets ready for the big battle with Dru and Darla—the gruesome twosome.

Blood Money
Written by Shawn Ryan & Mere Smith and Directed by R. D. Price. Air Date: 01-23-01.
Anne is back. The girl who took over Buffy Anne Summers’ alias in Buffy 3 is heading up a charity home that just so happens to be sponsored by Wolfram & Hart.

Happy Anniversary
Written by David Greenwalt and Directed by Bill Norton. Air Date: 02-06-01.
The Host assumes the Apocalypse is near because some dopey college kid cranked out a bad karaoke tune.

The Thin Dead Line
Written by Jim Kouf & Shawn Ryan and Directed by Scott McGinnis. Air Date: 02-13-01.
Looks like those asshole LAPD boys are beating innocent people up again, but this time they have an excuse—they’re dead.

Written by Tim Minear and Directed by James A. Whitmore, Jr. Air Date: 02-20-01.
Angel is about to confront those nefarious Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart. He’s heading for the Home Office—where can that possibly be?

Written by Tim Minear and Directed by Thomas J. Wright. Air Date: 02-27-01.
Angel tries to make up with Wesley, Cordy and Gunn, but they’re not so keen on having him back. He’s ruder than Angelus, the Evil Angel.

Written by David Fury and Directed by Fred Keller. Air Date: 04-17-01.
Cordy meets one of her old Cordettes from Sunnydale High, but she’s now the dopey and bloodsucking Harmony.

Special Feature: Original Script.

Dead End
Written by David Greenwalt and Directed by James A. Contner. Air Date: 04-24-01.
Lindsey and Angel team up again seeing that Lindsey’s new hand has got a brain of its own. Dude, don’t jack off with that hand!

Written by Shawn Ryan and Directed by Turi Meyer. Air Date: 05-01-01.
Part One of a dull series of parallel universe episodes reminiscent of Hercules and Xena.

Over the Rainbow
Written by Mere Smith and Directed by Fred Keller. Air Date: 05-08-01.
Part Two. The Host takes Angel Investigations to his home dimension where Cordy is queen.

Special Feature: Commentary with Fred Keller.

Through the Looking Glass
Written and Directed by Tim Minear. Air Date: 05-15-01.
Part Three. Cordy is supposed to have mad, monkey sex with the infamously ugly Groosalugg… so it is written.

There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Written and Directed by David Greenwalt. Air Date: 05-22-01.
Part Four. Wesley and Gunn join the Plyean rebels while Angel and the Groosalugg prepare for battle in the season’s most mediocre climax. One bright spot, the foxy Fred is about to join Angel Investigations—assuming they all live through it all.

Angel - Season Two
NR, 2000-2001, 999 min. (6 Disks), Fox Home Entertainment


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