Something Corporate Treats St. Louis to One Hell of a Show
Erin Hibbard
12/23/2003 8:20:32 PM

Once again, Something Corporate treats St. Louis to one hell of a show! The sold-out concert, also featuring Mae, Days Away, and a great unnamed opening band (replacing the RX Bandits) took place December 12 at Mississippi Nights. Starting off with “Fall” from their first album Leaving Through the Window (Drive Thru Records), Something Corporate captivated the huge crowd for the entirety of their set. Frontman Andrew McMahon, who is absolutely amazing, was all over the stage and piano with an energy that was tremendously contagious. While his piano playing is phenomenal itself, his voice borders near perfection. With their fans singing along full throttle, the band performed the best of both albums including “Drunk Girl”, “Punk Rock Princess”, “If U C Jordan”,“Down”, “Hurricane”, and their new single “Space”; even throwing in an unreleased Christmas song as a holiday treat for fans!

The highlight of the evening, as always, was their performance of “Konstantine” which may be the prettiest and most insightful song ever. McMahon’s genius is especially evident in that song, both instrumentally and lyrically. This band is nothing short of incredible with intuitive lyrics that anyone could relate to blended superbly with unparalleled piano solos into a sound that far surpasses most bands in the genre. We've said it before that Something Corporate is the most talented band on the emo-punk scene, and the other night’s show couldn’t have made it clearer. Be sure to pick up Something Corporate’s second full-length album, North, available in record stores now!


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