Simple Plan, MxPx, Sugarcult and Motion City Soundtrack Live in St. Louis
Shanna Ryan
2/12/2004 6:34:03 PM

Think Simple Plan is simply a pop-punk show? Think again.

Motion City Soundtrack from Minneapolis, MN opened the show with shaky vocals but still pulling off a decent set. Following the general pattern of most emo bands, they managed to keep the crowd moving throughout their rock hard sound. Although new to the scene, Motion City Soundtrack won’t be out of motion once the word gets out that they are to stay.

Next up was Sugarcult from Santa Barbara, CA. On par with MxPx as an audience favorite, you could literally feel the excitement when they came on and Sugarcult just kept dishing it out after that. High-energy, fun, and huge on fan interaction, they talked with the fans (many wearing their shirts to show support) and kept the crowd laughing between song banter. Some fans were even lucky enough to walk out with drummer Ben Davis’ drumsticks or water bottle as a prize. Bottom line is: Sugarcult can assuage my sweet tooth anytime.

The guys from MxPx came on stage from every direction. Lead vocalist Mike Herrera and guitarist Tom Wisniewski do everything in sync and their well-rehearsed-yet-natural movements made it a great thing to watch. Their movements accentuated the music; this wasn’t about showing off. “The name means absolutely nothing!” said Mike, laughing when he addressed the question that everyone’s been asking them for years.

Headliners Simple Plan played all their best-known songs and then some. Real charmers with the girls, especially during “Perfect” these guys know how to chat it up with the audience. Attraction goes both ways between the fans and this band, and the Simple Plan guys constantly threw goodies to the crowd. Performing much of the show from on top of amplifiers, the spotlights were on the crowd almost as much as on them. Some of the crowd didn’t deserve it, however, and the lead singer Pierre was amazingly tolerant of some idiots giving the finger and throwing ice. Pierre also got laughs asking everyone if the guitarist and backing vocalist, Sebastian (‘Seb’) was cute. And yes, he was. The show had a good stage set with a backdrop change halfway through, and they kept everyone in suspense with several encores.

Had our car not been busted into on the street and robbed of $3000 in CDs while we were there, it would have been a perfect night. See this show at all costs, but bring your valuables inside.


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