Plastic on the Mouth Hole: Suffocation Never Felt so Good
J. Gordon
2/23/2004 1:34:41 PM

Plastic on the Mouth Hole is the second offering from Polemic, a co-ed Athens, Georgia band who I can assure you, sound nothing like their home-townies, R.E.M. Polemic are doing what used to be called ‘emo’ until the power-poppy-punk scene claimed it for their own. Think weird, subtle, trancey rhythms matched with throat-ravaging vocals. Elements of pop that wander off course and find themselves locked into the funny farm, or at best behind bars for disorderly conduct. Fronted by McKenna Mackie, most of her vocals come from old-school Courtney Love (without the polish of Geffen and Hollywood), and maybe a touch of L7. In songs like “Hit Bottom Now” her backing vocals sound just like the B-52’s Kate Pierson. The drums are hard, steady and uncomplicated; sometimes reminiscent of T-Rex’s “Get It On” in tunes like “The Slump.” Occasionally drummer Todd Sims will take the vocal wheel, steering the band out of punk-rock anger, and into a whole different sleepy, deep, Death Cab for Cutie-type of territory.

Plastic on the Mouth Hole is partly fun, consistently experimental, and always interesting. The background sounds in “Funny”, the demented laughter in “Dealing,” and the weirdly catchy, repetitive ditty tucked in as the hidden track are sure to cycle around your brain--and CD carousel--for days, if not out kick your ass outright.


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