Jeepers Creepers 2: Bonus Horror!
Phil Davetas
4/10/2004 12:21:38 PM

In the wide world of horror buffs, I’m probably the only one who actually likes the Jeepers Creepers flicks. Where the Creeper flicks succeed is in the story, structure and character—the places where 90% of horror flicks fail. The acting is top-notch for a genre flick, which helps the fear factor. That in turn, makes one care if the people live or die. The problem with the franchise is that this movie takes place in 2001, when the last movie opened seeing that every 23rd spring, for 23 days, it eats. And of course, the flick ends 23 years into the future. But in this story, it’s four days after the last movie, and the final day of the Creeper’s feeding frenzy.

Here’s the premise: A bunch of basketball players, their coaches and a couple of cheerleaders and girlfriends are stranded out on the mysterious Highway 9, where the Creeper is picking them off one at a time. Suspension of disbelief is, however, put to the test when you’re forced to believe that a random cheerleader is suddenly endowed with prophetic dreams of the Creeper’s past victims and his intensions--and yet everyone believes her. We don’t learn much more about the Creeper itself unless you listen to the featurettes, but even there it’s all a little vague.

On top of a decent hunk of horror, there’s also the big, fat, juicy DVD and its seamlessly endless array of bonus stuff. It really makes the creators of The Matrix DVDs look like money-grubbin’ whores only offering two or three featurettes on double-disk sets. Sure, JC2 has your regular stuff like the behind-the-scenes, but it’s also chock-load of cool film school goodies. The director and cast commentary is fun and jovial, the Creeper commentary is a little dry and technical, but it’s insightful on the Creeper mythology. The deleted stuff is good, but more like they’re just cut together like a movie instead of isolated moments. The animated storyboards show stuff they took out of the script, but never shot for whatever reasons, but they’re here and cool to look at.

Special Features:

Commentary Track with Victor Salva and the Cast, A Creeper Commentary Track with Jonathan Breck, Brad Parker and Brian Penikas. Featurettes on: Creeper Creation, Creeper Composer, Digital Effects, Behind-the-Scenes Stuff, Deleted Scenes, The Creeper Lair, Ventriloquist Creeper, Photo Gallery, Theatrical Trailer, Behind the Menus Photo Gallery, MGM Trailers.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (3 ½ out of Four)
R, 2003, 104 min., MGM Home Video.

Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Garikayi Mutambirwa, Eric Nenninger, Nicki Lynn Aycox, Marieh Delfino, Diane Delano, Thom Gossom, Jr., Billy Aron Brown, Lena Cardwell, Al Santos, Music by Bennett Salvay, Produced by Tom Luse, Written and Directed by Victor Salva.


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