Sibylline Has No Reason To Be Sullen
Jordan McMahan
6/17/2004 11:14:18 AM

After St. Louis-based Sullen [Thick Records] split earlier this year, it was unclear what the now bandless members would do. Not willing to quit, guitarist and vocalist Shanna Kiel, along with Stephanie Sandman, announced the forming of Sibylline. Along with drummer Scott Freeman (who left Sullen for unknown reasons) the trio quickly put out a few songs for demo purposes and are working now on a full-length album. The band is now complete; with Sam Stuckey signing on as bassist.

Starting off the night of their first live show in this new incarnation, Sandman welcomed the senoras and senoritas to the Tuesday night show at St. Louis’ Creepy Crawl, and introduced "Lost Our Vows" (yeah, all in Spanish). The song opened leading one to think it might be a peppy, happy tune; but within two seconds it quickly reveals itself as a heavy, minor-toned song of betrayal. The folks in the modest crowd were soon bobbing and nodding to the beat as their ears were pummeled by the ferocious attack of the guitars and Freeman's energetic and solid drumming. It would be easy for some to lump the two girls' vocals into the same category as Courtney Love or Brody Armstrong, but a closer listen shows quite a difference, most obviously felt live. Kiel's soft--dare I say, girlish--voice gives way to wails and screams from Sandman that cut to the core. By the last song, it was apparent that there were several new Sibylline fans. Sibylline’s website says they’re currently at work recording their first full-length release at Tiny Apertures Studio in St. Louis.

With Sibylline finished, it was time for the headliners, Burning Brides, to take the stage. Immediately noticeable was guitarist/vocalist Dimitri Coats' very large and curly hair, and bassist Melanie Campbell's tall striped socks. They promptly broke into a song that had a nice chunk of “damn this rocks” in it [ed.—anyone know it? Clue us in.]. Their first song finished, they segued right into another. Hmmm, more rock. Campbell's bass lines repeated over and over, and was that a Green Day riff? There seemed to be no change save for a simple bass solo here and there. Coats did, however, have several unique moments with his solos, and just plain laid down the rock. Hardly noticed was drummer Jason Kourkounis, who basically just sat back and kept a beat. Overall, the Brides put on a good show with a nice, although generic, rock sound.

You can take a listen to both bands at their respective websites:


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