Pepper: In With The Old Keeps the Groove Going
Allison Schiller
7/29/2004 4:32:51 PM

Since Pepper hit the scene a little over two years ago, music lovers were hooked. Their music offers a unique blend of reggae, rock, and punk; creating a laid back, and upbeat sound. Most often compared to Sublime, Pepper is destined for similar success as a result of their indisputable draw.

With the release of their third album, In With The Old [Volcom], these three Hawaii natives have done it again. Recorded in 311’s The Hive Studios in North Hollywood, Pepper set out to create a more sophisticated and all-embracing album. Additionally, they have managed to capture the same undeniably likable sound, evident through the success of their first single, “Ashes”, which has seen substantial airplay on the west coast. Not to say that the various tracks are repetitive; rather, there is quite a bit of diversity. For example, “Punk Rock Cowboy” skillfully incorporates an understated country twang with a more traditionally punk rock song. In contrast, “Keep Your Head Bangin” offers listeners a heavier sound, with loud, raw vocals over an intensely fast-paced beat.

This variety results in their equally diverse fan base. In fact, this band’s most impressive quality is that regardless of personal taste, Pepper’s flavor is sure to compliment any occasion.


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