Reel Big Fish: Real Big Fun (and Drunk, Too!)
Jordan McMahan
7/30/2004 9:33:41 PM

Last Tuesday night, St. Louis’ Delmar Loop was host to a tour of skatanic proportions. The Pageant held the 2004 Coast to Coast Roast tour, headlined by Reel Big Fish.

The Fish strolled on stage coolly; lead singer Aaron Barret wearing a six-inch tall blond mohawk and trumpeter Tyler Jones carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels. They opened the show with a couple of old classics before jumping into 'Ban the Tubetop' from their 2002 album 'Cheer Up!' During this song, drummer Justin Ferreira fumbled a beat, at which point Barret cut the song short. After some amusing side banter concerning drinking before performing, the band picked up the song at the last verse, no worse for wear.

The sing-along from fans became noticeably quieter as the brass horns were toned down for newer songs with more of a rock vibe than ska. During a break between songs, Jones jokingly called out a fan for yawning and, after being berated by his bandmates, apologized in an improvised song. Jones continued the show chugging his bottle of Jack and making faces at Ferreira, at one point causing another fumble in the percussion.
The band continued with old and new songs alike, goofing off in between. They had the entire house singing along as they played 'Sell Out', before walking off stage.

After several minutes of the house chanting "We want beer!," trumpeter/guitarist Scott Klopfenstein wandered back on stage looking rather tired, and asked if the people would like a couple more songs. He then sat down to his keyboard to play the mellow ballad, 'Drunk Again.' Reel Big Fish followed it up with a completely new song titled, 'Drinking' before breaking into their finale, the song everyone had been chanting for: 'Beer.'

The Coast to Coast Roast tour also featured The Suburban Legends, Lucky Boys Confusion, Catch-22 and RX Bandits.


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