Story of the Year: Living Up to Their Name
Bobby Dunn
8/11/2004 9:41:15 PM

Ever since their 2002 chart-smashing hit “Until the Day I Die” from the debut album, [Maverick], it's hard to turn on the radio, watch TV, or even play video games without hearing the St. Louis band, Story of the Year. Mixing punk rock vocals with 'scremo' really brings out the emotions of their already- captivating lyrics. A great example is track one, “And the Hero Will Drown” that's featured on the video game Need for Speed Underground.

The success of their first hit seems to be minimal in comparison to that of “Anthem of our Dying Day," the best track on the CD. These boys recently got even more recognition when asked to perform on MTV’s Hard Rock Live where they also wowed the audience with their amazing stage presence. When Story of the Year took the local stage at the St. Louis stop of the Vans Warped Tour, they lived up to their name: all the other stages were left alone, and almost everyone crowded to watch them. This St. Louis garage band formerly known as Big Blue Monkey has come a long way from--and with Page Avenue.


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