Catching Up With Lost Boys Corey Feldman & Corey Haim
Rob Levy
10/4/2004 7:31:38 PM

"We met 17 years ago and weíre still not friends. But weíre working on it. We just happen to run into each other all the time. Sometimes he just happens to be sleeping at my house."

Since its release in 1987, The Lost Boys has remained popular not just within in the vampire film genre, but also in the annals of 80s popular culture. The film not only helped make Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patrick box office stars, but also featured the most successful on screen pairing of two of the decadeís most popular teen actors; Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Corey Haim, a Canadian born actor who scored huge box office success in the 80s with The Lost Boys and Lucas has been away for awhile but is poised to make a comeback. In fact The Thrills recently penned ďWhatever Happened to Corey Haim?Ē in his honor.

Corey Feldman is a wildman. He was arguably the most prolific child actor of the 1980s, starring in Dweebs, Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys. Although he used to run with Michael Jackson and recorded a hip-hop record, he still loves his rock and roll. In recent years, Feldman has appeared in a Moby video, buddied up with Howard Stern, hung out with Hammer on The Surreal Life and, most recently, become a father. Although he stills acts regularly, this son of a songwriter primarily focuses his attention to his music.

Nighttimes was fortunate enough to catch up with Corey Haim and Corey Feldman in San Diego as they took a break from promoting the new DVD edition of The Lost Boys at the pop culture uberfest, Comic Con. These two stalwarts of 80s teen culture were laid back, relaxed and in stride as they discussed their film careers and their lives away from the spotlight.

NT: Weíll start off with you Corey. What have you been working on lately?

CH: Nothing, absolutely nothing. Iíve been out in Toronto for five or six years now. I went home. I had to go home there were some health issues in the womanís division of my family, cancer. So I had to go home and I had some health problems there.

NT: How did you get involved in The Lost Boys reissue?

CH: Everyone flew in from ďLost BoysĒ (to work on the DVD). This is like literally 16 years later and I got to do my first special edition DVD. It was great, terrific. I had a great time. We were on the phone talking (points to Feldman) and I was ďyou know Iím about to do this and Iím at the Four Seasons here, they rented this room and youíve done these before and youíve done these before.Ē Heís like ďYeah, Iíve done like two or threeĒ Heís a big collector, he has 500, I have like twenty five, thirty. Heís like, ďJust go with it. Youíll figure it out in a second.Ē I did and it was really fun. Iíve been working here and there, mostly in Canada, and I just got back less than a month ago here.

NT: Did you like the process of providing commentary for The Lost Boys?

CH: Itís a whole process thatís like making the movie after the movie. I have a double standard. I think it makes it more complicated, but I think itís absolutely well worth it for sure. I think itís a very cool way of doing something Iíve never done before.

NT: Do you have any other DVD projects in the works?

CH: Not at the moment. License To Drive weíre hoping next year will be kicking. Weíre praying for that.

NT: Corey (Feldman), do you want to tell us what youíve been up too lately?

CF: Smokiní crack, smokiní crack, smokiní crack (laughs)! No, letís seeÖ I knocked up a woman, Iím pretty proud of that (laughs). Got a kid on the way, a chip off the old block. Sheíll be spitting him out in about a month.

CH: Iím the Godfather!

CF: Hey, heís proud of that. I was hanging outside Coreyís house hoping to get a job if someone like confused us. I thought maybe I would be cool for a minute (laughs). So then I heard about this great opportunity down here to do this Lost Boys thing and I was like ďThey remember me, they remember me!Ē
No, I am doing a new Disney TV series, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go--that really is the title. Iím not joking! You know what? Itís gonna be the biggest frigginí cartoon in the history of
cartoons. Itís like Mighty Morphiní Power Rangers, Transformers, Ninja Turtles--all those things thrown together into one big teriyaki soufflť. The cartoon will premiere on ABC Family and Toon Disney and the Playboy Channel, all simultaneously. Which is nice. You get a wider audience that way. Iím working on my fourth album, really good stuff. Iím working with The Wizards actually who are brilliant producers. Thatís my solo stuff. My band, The Truth Movement, is starting to write the next record. I just finished a movie in Barcelona. I was there for three months working on this movie called The Birthday.

CH: We tried to get him into the Olympics, but he just didn ít have it.

CF: Iím going to Bulgaria, then I am going to Athens for that. Iím training for the shot-put (laughs).
The Birthday is an epic film. Actually, it is one of my favorite films that Iíve done in my career. Itís a movie thatís all in real time. For the first time ever, they shoot the lead character, which is me, in every single shot of the film. So, basically you go with this character on this journey for like and hour and a half and itís insane, itís crazy. Itís a black romantic comedy / psychological thriller. Itís like if David Lynch & Steven Spielberg had a baby, thatís who this director would be.

NT: When you guys made Lost Boys, did you all get along?

CH: That was really cool man. Everyone was pretty cool. Joe was cool, Jason was cool. Kiefer was Cool,
Jami was cool. Every one was cool, man. I really only worked with Kief in two scenes. He was cool. quiet Real quiet

CF: Very quiet, very reserved. Kind of like us. He kept to himself a lot.

CH: Real quiet, yeah just like us.

NT: When did you guys meet and become friends?

CF: We met 17 years ago and weíre still not friends. But weíre working on it. We just happen to run into each other all the time. Sometimes he just happens to be sleeping at my house.

CH: Itís all about credit. Iíve got plenty heís got none.

NT: Was it hard being famous in the 80s as opposed to being famous now?

CF: I prefer to be famous now. If I could have not been famous in the 80s Iíd be happy.

NT: You alluded to getting License To Drive out on DVD earlier. Is that something youíre really working hard for?

CH: Weíre hoping to. We still have all the connections.

CF: Iíve been panhandling out on 20th (laughs).

CH: Iím going to get on that too. Once we both panhandle out on 20th. Honestly, itís a great movie. It was Heather Grahamís first movie. We had great chemistry together, we always have. Thatís why weíve done seven movies together.

NT: Why do you think that Lost Boys remains so popular?

CF: I donít understand it, personally. I think Lost Boys is one of those timeless movies that will live on forever because itís a great movie. Itís funny, itís scary, and itís got all the elements that make a good movie.

CH: I think itíll go on. Weíll have a 30TH year, maybe 40TH year edition.

CF: So whatís not to like? And its got Corey Ian Haim starring in it (claps).

Despite their reputation for sleeping all day and partying all night, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim remain very close friends. In a strange way, it all makes sense--each has endured fame and gone through the wars of sudden celebrity and emerged more or less intact. Despite their rough ways and rowdy pasts, the duo remains older and wiser now, re-focused on their lives and careers. Fortunately, their reckless youth lives in infamy through the endearing re-release of The Lost Boys.


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