Zombie movie fans rejoice!
Dan Graney
10/4/2004 7:39:43 PM

Fans of the old school zombies rejoice! Shaun of the Dead returns the undead masses to their slow, lumbering pace. When 28 Days Later came out, it was heralded as brilliant revision of zombie movies ­what it really offered was running zombies and an iffy plot. The movie lacked heart. Literally.

Shaun of the Dead does George Romero proud, offering zombies so slow, Shaun doesnıt really notice the fact that they are undead. But Shaun (writer Simon Pegg) doesnıt really notice much of anything. When he's not sitting on the couch with his best mate, Ed (Nick Frost) or working in his retail job, Shaun is spending every waking moment at the Winchester, the local pub.

Shaunıs girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) is fed up with Shaun's lack of ambition and more so with his lack of nightlife choices. And her flat mates Dianne (Lucy Davis of The Office) and David (Dylan Moran) arenıt helping.

Were this an American film, the entire setup I just mentioned would have been dropped for something more exciting--say an explosion or an exploding zombie (not that there's anything wrong with that; I liked the remake of Dawn of the Dead). But this British import is a funny, sweet, heartfelt film that happens to have zombies in it.

When the zombies arrive, we seem to know before Shaun, who, with his trusty cricket bat, partners with Ed as they put their countless hours of playing Halo on the X-box to the test. Finally, Ed has found his true calling: zombie hunter.

It's hard to say much about Shaun of the Dead because of the movie's surprises--no, nothing gimmicky, like twist endings, or shocking plot twists. Rather, the film itself is a complete twist-- it's a great movie--oh, and there's zombies.

Catch it while you can. If it isn't in your local theaters, be sure to put it at the top of your must-rent list, when it comes out on DVD.


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