Anti-Flag's Death of a Nation is Just the Beginning
Ross Gordon
10/10/2004 10:32:12 PM

Let’s get one thing straight: Anti-Flag doesn’t mean anti-America, it means anti-war and anti-government control. While this band embraces a lot of anarchy’s ideals (songs such as “Die for the Government”), they preach non-violence and peace (“Power to the Peaceful”).

It used to be that most teens knew punk only as bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Ramones. Today, because we are trapped in a world of media and MTV, teens define punk as corporate-formula Good Charlotte, Dashboard Confessional, and Yellowcard. What a shame.

Fear not. Anti-Flag is here to educate the masses. One of the few true punk bands left, the band has released a new DVD, Death of a Nation [Scrambled Visual] including 23 live songs, the “Turncoat” music video, and the previously unreleased title track “Death of a Nation,” and “Post-War Breakout” There is also a terrific Behind the Scenes on making the video, “Turncoat,” and interviews.

In the live performances, Anti-Flag plays 23 of their hits all the way back from early albums like “Die for the Government” to their newest, “Terror State.” They open with “Death of a Nation” and work there way down playing hits off “Terror State” such as “You Can Kill the Protester but you can’t Kill the Protest” and “Rank-N-File.”

They finish off with “Spaz’s House Destruction Party” (a song about a tattooed, gay punk friend of the band), and that first great hit, “Die for the Government.” But that wasn’t enough for the crowd during their encore, they finished off with “F*ck The Flag.”

So, if you enjoy punk music and value your freedom of expression, you should definitely check this DVD out. It has over two and a half hours of everything you’ll ever need to know about Anti-Flag. Available October 26, 2004.


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