[P.S.I.entology] is Pitchshifter: 101
Sam Gordon
10/11/2004 8:41:02 PM

One of the most exciting bands to come out of the British music scene is Pitchshifter. Angry, electronic, and completely heavy, they've been a hardcore electronic mainstay for the last fourteen years while mysteriously never getting that well-known stateside. America's loss. But you can catch up and give yourself a great musical education with their new DVD, [P.S.I.entology] [PSI Records].

Right off the bat, one knows that [P.S.I.entology] will be good: just check out all of the menus. A lot of work clearly went into this—there is an amazing amount of animation between menus and a massive body of content. Fans of the band Pitchshifter will have no idea where to begin.

A good place to start might be the live performance which took place in Nottingham, England, in front of their hometown crowd. If you’ve never had the chance to see Pitchshifter perform live, here’s an opportunity to see how great they are. Singer J.S. Clayden runs the show, and he does a great job getting the audience going while the band is full-on energy. It’s awesome watching them live and hearing so many great songs from many different Pitchshifter albums—from the old Infotainment to the newer Deviant CDs--their old sound is very different from the new, yet just as good. The size of their discography alone (a total of 14 albums and EPs) illustrates the greatness of this band.

Next stop: take at the interviews. There is a 35-minute interview with J.S. Clayden that’s probably the best part of the entire DVD. He talks about everything anyone would ever want to know about the band. Clayden appears to be a person who hasn't let a bit of the fame get to his head. He talks about how they all played down every bit of hype they got, and they really didn't see themselves as a big band until a lot later in their careers. He also recalls pranks they have played on other bandmates/people on the tour, and a lifestyle of drinking and partying. Clayden discusses his new post-Pitchshifter band, Doheny, and describes them as totally different. He even claims that he doesn't blame Pitchshifter fans if they don't like them, as Doheny is softer and not at all electronic. There are also a lot of interviews on the CD with the other band members, mostly reminiscing about each other and how much they enjoyed being in the band. Viewers come away with the feeling that the members of Pitchshifter are truly great friends.

Also included in this DVD is a complete discography and Pitchshifter Family Tree, with an illustration depicting every member that has been in Pitchshifter. Other interesting video moments on this DVD include music videos and the live performance where bassist Mark Clayden proposes to his wife onstage. Overall the [P.S.I.entology] DVD is awesome and a great buy for under 20 bucks.

Don’t know if you’re a Pitchshifter fan? You just haven’t heard them yet. Here’s the place to start.


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