Brian Jonestown Massacre: Winners of the Psychedelic Garage World Series
Jordan McMahan
11/1/2004 4:01:52 AM

"Man, we almost canceled tonight." It was only then that I realized I was speaking with Anton Newcombe, vocals and guitar for the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

"Oh? Why's that?" I asked.

"We all caught some kind of weird stomach flu last night, down in Columbia. We just don't wanna sound like shit, yanno?"

"We'll I'm sure they'll all appreciate it."

"Yeah..." he trailed off as he walked into the back door of St. Louis’ Creepy Crawl last Friday night.

The show started off with an introduction from the renowned Beatle Bob:

"If there were a World Series of music, this band would be in it every year! Ladies and gentleman, the Brian Jonestown Massacre!"

The packed crowd erupted as Bob hopped offstage and the band began playing. The three twelve-string guitars set the mood, visibly relaxing all around. The BJM boys were all clad in their usual jeans and denim jackets, and the group's attitude on stage was relaxed, with smiles on their faces, despite the alleged stomach flu.

The equipment setup was meager but sufficient, giving the impression that this is a band that practices in a small room in a nice little apartment; that these guys are a close knit bunch. Between every song or two, Anton would chat with people at the side of the stage as he re-tuned his guitar.

At one point, the head unit from Newcombe's amplifier came crashing down to the floor, thus causing him to cast a horrified look at drummer Ryan Sumner. Alas, no damage was caused, the amp continued to work, and the show went on. The band played song after garage-psychedelic song for around a half hour or so, finally leaving the venue; everyone sufficiently bathed in a warm fuzzy mood.

Openers for the Massacre included Bagheera, a female fronted indie rock band; Tone Rodent, a more alternative styled group; and Sibylline, a dual-female fronted heavy rock/grunge group.

Check out the new documentary on Bran Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, "DIG!"--which by the way, Anton has written on his website that he hates--at select art house theatres near you.


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