Simple Plan: Simply Successful
Sam Gordon
11/4/2004 4:19:54 PM

One never knows what they’ll walk into at St. Louis’ Mississippi Nights on a Monday night. For the multi-platinum pop-punk rockers Simple Plan, that Monday night--and probably most nights--means wall-to-wall preteen girls. Still touring on their hugely successful sophomore album, Still Not Getting Any… [Atlantic/Lava], these guys entered Billboard’s Top 200 charts at number 3 and are enjoying their highest position to date.

As the lights dimmed for Simple Plan, the high-pitched screeching from the young girls became deafening. The band gave the crowd a big laugh when they first took the stage, picked up their instruments, and then Ashlee Simpson began being blasted over the speakers. The band looked puzzled, but were obviously poking fun at Simpson’s Saturday Night Live performance where she was busted for lip-syncing.

Lead singer Pierre Bouvier talked between songs about the great time they had touring with Good Charlotte, on the tour that launched them to their huge success and explains why they are so popular with all the youngin’s.

Maybe Simple Plan does have a simple plan—or a secret—for success: could it be arena rock star quality shows while the kids still get the small club accessibility for autographs, meet-and-greets, and all the fun that goes along with live music? While they didn’t break ground musically, and don’t stray from the vocal norm of the punk/emo music scene, these boys are clearly doing something right.


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