“Hate To Say I Told You So”, but The Hives Have It
J. Gordon
12/4/2004 9:48:47 PM

The Hives
Live at Pop's, St. Louis

NT told you all about the Hives back in 2002 [See Mike Hess’ “The Hives are Worthy of the Hype”], when this Swedish punk outfit washed up on the shores of New York City. Three years later they’re on their way to owning this country, storming the mainland and onto the Pop’s stage (St. Louis/Sauget, Ill) suited up like Alex and his ‘droogs’ in A Clockwork Orange. Dapper, obnoxious and snot-nosed bad boys, the Hives worked St. Louis in a similar style--but with catchier tunes than Beethovan Van and looks that are so damned adorable, one can’t help but fall in love--or at the least, to dance along.

Playing to a packed house, this all-ages crowd was truly that: kids as young as ten and bigger ‘kids’ pushing past fifty were rocking, hollering, singing and giving the finger to lead singer, Pelle Gunnerfeldt and the boys.

Straight out of a little town in Sweden called, “Punk Rock City,” Pelle said, the band played most every two-and-a-half-minute hit on their last two albums, Veni, Vedi, Vicious and Tyrannosaurus Hives.

Like any Hives tune, Pelle is a frontman composed of all energy and little matter. The guy is a master at working the crowd and what began as a lively, upbeat audience with the openers turned into full-on frenzy. When the applause wasn’t loud enough for Pelle’s liking, he turned his ear and summoned more. With comedic skills on par with his excitably-cool screeches at the end of a particularly snappy line (think “Main Offender,” “Hate To Say I Told You So,” or “Supply and Demand,” the guy is all fun with no strings attached. He told us to love him, and we obeyed.

The Hives’ music won’t change your life with meaningful lyrics. They won’t touch your soul with profundity. But they’ll likely kick your ass and you’ll be loving it all the way. See them live if you can, you won’t regret it.


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