Mardo at the Joint: This is why we Rock
Phil Davetas
12/26/2004 6:38:53 PM

This is why we rock. Amid a generation of super pop divas, girly boy bands, the materialism of hip hop and electronica-molested music in the guise of rock, Mardo reminds us what rock really is—catchy melodies, solid rhythm and playing it hard in the name of fun. It’s a retro-leap back to a time when the true spirit of rock was king—the 70’s.

The Show:
I guess everyone else was at home getting themselves whaled up on the family feast while the brothers Mardo played to a modest crowd of 25+ at small bar in Hollywood called the Joint on X-mas night. A mostly acoustic gig, the two brothers, Aron and Robert, played tunes from their self-titled album with a cover of the Kinks’ Shangri-La thrown in. Live, Mardo comes off a little like the Violent Femmes, but their record is more rock and roll, making for an interesting juxtaposition. At the show, their catchy tune, “Poor Paul” echoed in everyone’s head, and when heard on the record it just rocks on to a whole other plain of good time fun. The brothers are great on stage together and compliment each other’s performance musically while still razzing each other the way brothers do.

It’s a straight-up fact: When Mardo performs, the crowd digs them. If the brothers performed with a drummer, I’m sure the crowd would have been up and all over the floor jamming and air-guitaring along with them. As everyone was kinda mellow and post-apocalyptic due to the X-mas holiday, it wasn’t a wild night, but it was just a fun time with a fun band. What more can you ask?

Backstage, the boys talk not about their music, but more admirably, about Frank Black and the Pixies. They don’t appear hopped-up on their own egos, constantly self-promoting and seeking an excess with bloated praise. Mardo knows they rock and they rock hard and don’t need to talk shit about it. Their music speaks for itself.

If you’re on the Left Coast, catch Mardo at UC Santa Barbara January 27, 2005 (at Noon) and at UC Santa Cruz January 28, 2005 (at Noon), then they’re back in Hollywood at the Viper Room February 7, 2005 for the record release party.

Special thanks to Rachel at Gorgeous PR.

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