Tiesto In Concert 2
Rob Levy
3/7/2005 8:00:07 AM

DJ Tiesto
Tiesto In Concert 2 (Black Hole Recordings)

Most people named the World’s Best DJ for three years in a row would rest comfortably on their laurels. They’d smile, thank the press and hipsters in the clubs and cash their checks. From then on, they’d just do their thing, effortlessly night after night with little risk or innovation. However if that DJ is DJ Tiesto, then it’s a whole new ballgame.

Having achieved prominence, fame and the accolades from the artists he’s remixed (Moby, Faithless, Delerium, Sarah McLachlan) and an adoring press, Tiesto set out to raise the stakes in a big way by constantly recording and remixing in the studio while touring throughout the world. As a result, Tiesto became even more of a household name, selling out festivals, arenas and clubs on several continents and leaving sweat-filled dance floors in his wake.

To celebrate this success (and raise his stature further), Tiesto mounted a live musical experience unlike any other attempted before, Tiesto In Concert 2 is a DVD with beats, lights and lots of kinetic energy. Some would call if delusional grandstanding, some would call it excess, but Tiesto thought of it as a natural progression of the medium of electronic music. Indeed his ‘magik’ themed concerts were the stuff of legend.

Recorded in October 2004, this DVD features Tiesto working the wheels of steel before 70,000 frantic fans in Arnheim, Holland and Hasselt, Belgium. For nearly three hours he goes all out to turn a simple DJ set into a spectacle. There’s a Bulgarian Choir, a magician, a violin player, strobes, fireworks and even another jock to play with (DJ Mason). Throughout the concert Tiesto elevates the DJ from just someone another cat playing records to something larger, a magical gladiator spellbinding a coliseum full of groovesters looking to get down.

Nothing about Tiesto In Concert 2 is small. It’s not quite a disco and not quite a concert. This DVD is a loud, daring, brassy and bold special treat for those who live in the dark rayon world of discotheques, after hours and electronic music.


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