Jimi Hendrix The Last 24 Hours: Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and…Murder?
J. Gordon
3/13/2005 10:51:08 PM

The 58-minute DVD, Jimi Hendrix The Last 24 Hours [Direct Video Distribution] is a small-budget documentary that sets out to take on the facts pertaining to the mysterious death of the guitar legend, and to convince the viewer that there was a little more to the story.

Supposedly aware that his life was in danger and haunted by premonitions of his own death, The Last 24 Hours throws a few surprises the music press of the late Sixties never mentioned, including a corrupt, embezzling manager, and a link to the Black Panthers black-power movement through declassified FBI documents. Mostly executed in re-enactments, there are bits of real Hendrix footage, especially live performances, that make this a worthy DVD for hardcore fans.

In The Last 24 Hours, Hendrix didn’t have many problems until he began stating his support of the Black Panthers, Bobby Seal, and the Chicago 8 to the teen press. Then virtually overnight, he is ‘set up’ taking heroin over the border into the U.S. The facts around Hendrix’s death are full of inconsistencies by friends and girlfriends—especially statements by Monika Dannemann, the daughter of a German industrialist and the last person known to have seen him alive. His death conveniently occurred just before he was taking his Mafia-connected manager to court, and at his autopsy, his lungs were full of red wine as if he’d drowned in it, not been drinking it. Then to top it off, there were more mysterious fatalities occurring around people close to Hendrix. Danneman herself died just before she was to go on the air and publicly tell her side of it. Hmmmm…

Don’t look to The Last 24 Hours to show off a lot of great performance footage, or even to educate you on the man himself. Don’t look to The Last 24 Hours to present a suspenseful story that those uninitiated to this music will follow with any interest. Rather, take The Last 24 Hours for what it is: a handful of interesting facts and mysteries that have surfaced over time and might mean something to those who really care.

A glossy 32-page booklet accompanies the film, showing off some great rare photos and giving a basic overview of Hendrix’s life, legend and meaning to the world of music. Bonus features on the disc include The Hendrix Picture Gallery and a discography. English language, with subtitles also in French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

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