Every Night Is Ladies’ Night : Louder Than Words
J. Gordon
4/17/2005 2:07:15 PM

On the cover of Michael Jaime-Becerra’s Every Night is Ladies’ Night [Rayo/Harper Collins], is award-winning writer Ann Patchett’s quote, “One of those wonderful books you will want to give to everyone you know.”

Patchett’s name alone can easily vouch for the quality of Jaime-Becerra’s writing, which is equally superb in its literary skill and beauty. But what about the stories? Fear not, mi amigo, because, like Patchett’s masterful Bel Canto characters—characters that move out of the book and live with you through your dreams and daydreams of real life—Jaime-Becerra gives us the same alternate, yet no less real, world.

In this series of related stories of Mexican immigrants; some legal, some illegal, some in LA, some teetering on the Texas border, some 80s goth teenagers and others 1950s stock car racers and beauty queens, these are flesh and blood people with hearts as big as their challenges and beautifully-rendered flaws. The reader would have to be dead not to fall in love with almost every one of them. Peppered with Spanish throughout, it’s not important to speak the language to get the full impact of the stories. These portraits are painted in so much detail that the weight of emotion and the character’s actions truly speak louder than words. Now at work on his first novel, author Michael Jaime-Becerra is a writer to watch. In the meantime, Every Night is Ladies’ Night is equal parts sadness and hope, and one hundred percent a miracle. Now in paperback.


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