C&C Delivers—Live at the Starland Ballroom
Zach Hibbard
5/2/2005 8:55:22 AM

They’ve done it again! One of the biggest indie band breakout stories of the past year, Coheed and Cambria, have now released Coheed and Cambria--Live at the Starland Ballroom [Equal Vision/Columbia Records]--a rare look at a picture perfect band that not only releases some of the most innovative albums, but surpasses their own recordings with astonishing live shows. This DVD shows off the very best of this band’s immense talent, showcasing their ability to uphold their musicianship onstage. The Bonus Section includes the band's videos. "A Favor House Atlantic," "Blood Red Summer," "Devil In Jersey City," and some outtakes from the making of "Blood Red Summer" clip. There’s also live footage from the 2004 Surf & Skate Festival, and an interview with Claudio (lead singer and guitarist) and Travis (guitarist), in which they offer personal commentary about playing live and their own favorite songs. Additionally, a new interview with the band discusses their upcoming new album.

You couldn’t pack more goodies into this package, but ultimately, it’s about the music! Judge a band by the quality of their live performance not the smoothness of their recordings and you’ll agree that Coheed and Cambria deliver—and deliver—and deliver…. Lensed this past August at The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, Live At The Starland Ballroom is in stores now. Available in two packaging configurations for your individual preference: an amaray box version and a jewel/brilliant box version.


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