Kasabian: A Slam-Dunk
Dawn Ryan
5/30/2005 2:39:33 PM

Can a hugely popular, multi-sonic, world beat/dance/alt rock UK band like Kasabian translate to a white-bread St. Louis crowd? Well, they blew the concert and St. Louis through the roof last Friday night. Their first time headlining in St. Louis, Kasabian played the Creepy Crawl, the smallest venue in the city on May 27th. It was so small that Sergio Pizzorno (guitars, keyboards, vocals) personally threatened everyone not to leave, since he could see each and every one of our faces. Even though the venue was quite tiny, without a doubt the Creepy Crawl was maxed to capacity and hoppin’ with vitality. This energy could very well be the responsibility of the seemingly-stoned lead vocalist, Tom Meighan, who danced and boogied in between his rap-like singing. To help unite the audience even more, Tom often thanked St. Louis and blew kisses, using hand gestures and making that unmistakable ‘Mmmmwah!’ sound. People laughed, made comments and imitated the gesture every time. The phrase “I love the way you all are vibing with us” was repeated often, probably due to the enthusiastic and especially lively fans in front center.

Kasabian’s energy, performance, and music were chest-pounding and hot! Non-stop music-making machines, the guys grew in intensity as the show progressed. As their shirts and hair became soaked with sweat, the fans’ attraction and enthusiasm increased even more. When one member had a break from the action, the others filled in with wild dancing and employed the fans to jump in and do the same. And they passed the final test of a great rock show: Fans yearned for more at the end of every song. While essential to every CD collection, Kasabian’s powerful, catchy self-titled CD [RCA Records] still can’t beat catching these guys live. With Sergio Pizzorno on the higher alto-to-falsetto end of the voice to Tom’s rapping, the Chrises (Edwards on bass and Karloff on Guitar) and Ian Matthews (drums) revving up the crowd with their vigorous talent, Kasabian finished with a slam-dunk for Middle-America.

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