eX-Girl's Endangered Species: Rare By Comparison
Vincent Francone
6/2/2005 8:23:45 PM

eX-Girl's Endangered Species.

I began my career (if one can call it that) with Night Times reviewing eX-Girl's masterfully bent, Back to the Mono-Kero. An interview and concert review followed. It seems fitting that I review the latest from these girls from planet Kero Kero.

I have a feeling eX-Girl's Endangered Species [Alternative Tentacles] will get better once I give it a few more listens. Sadly, upon first spin it does not grab the ear the way their past work does. The opening is promising; "E-Sa-Ya" incorporates string arrangements and dreamy vocals that imply some growing up has taken place since last we heard from eX-Girl. That all goes out the window when the beautiful oddball vocals and slam rock of "Hettakori No Ottokotou" kicks into full gear. A song so wonderfully strange it would fit in with, and perhaps out-weird, anything on Mono Kero, this track reminds us that we love eX-Girl because they are--we would hope--forever out there, wonderfully twisted in their joyous world of frog worshipping via Kerock and Roll. Strangely, that's where the old eX-Girl bizarro fun ends. A few other tracks stand out ("Pretty You Ugly", "Dodo" and "Pujeva" especially) but otherwise the record is far calmer, far less ambitious than one might expect from this outfit.

This is not to say it is a bad record. Compared to past efforts by eX-Girl, it is not so stellar; compared to the majority of other releases of 2005, it's pretty damn great. In the meantime, I will accept this transmission from Kero Kero and wait anxiously for future space rock madness.


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